Natural Solutions for Depression, Happiness, Psychology, Self Esteem, Mental Health, Antidepressants

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Natural Solutions for Depression, Happiness, Self Esteem, Confidence, Mental Health, Antidepressants

Dr. Kuykendall, D.C. and Holistic Health Coach Corrina Rachel discuss the causes of stress and anxiety, as well as tips for relief. Get to the root of the problem and resolve it once and for all. Our diet, lifestyle, sleep, blood sugar regulation and caffeine intake all play a roll.

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vitamindubya says:

This doctor speaks in catchphrases

Dudley2342 says:

I would like to watch a video about exercising with depression, because I used to work out regularly but depression to my excersise is like kryptonite to Superman, I just can't move with depression, and everybody says excersise is actually the cure for depression but I just can't grasp that concept and it weakens me a lot, so if you please show me how do I pass this huge obstacle to start working out again, thank you.

M integrity says:

I learned a great deal from this person. thank you

Vishvajitsinh Kosamiya says:

I really like the "you are the sky, not the cloud" thing.

Shivi Crowley says:

Did he seriously just recommend a low carbohydrate diet? I stopped listening at that point

drakewyvern says:

I can appreciate what these people are trying to accomplish, but many of these "professionals" don't seem to really understand depression and mental illness all that well, there is really only so much you can understand from a text book. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for over a decade and its been an exhausting unseen war everyday. I have been receiving therapy and taking different medications for about 6 years now and it has done little to make life easier, it is by no means a cure.

Another thing that many people seem to misunderstand is that depression is not always just a physical imbalance and can be partially or entirely a psychological issue. For me i believe my depression and anxiety stems a lot from the fact that i was shy and reclusive when i was younger which prevented me from developing healthy relationships and connecting with people, leading to extreme solitude which over a very long period of time caused many physical and mental health issues emerging. I still think about suicide from time to time but not nearly as much as i used to, luckily i am a pretty stubborn person and i am pretty adamant about not giving up regardless of how miserable my day to day life is.

The stuff regarding nutrition and exercise while i believe can be helpful for many people, it is not a sure thing. I try and go to the gym 2-3 times a week and eat moderately healthy and i have not noticed much change on my outlook in life. I also don't smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol, never have. I have a single goal in life and i have been desperately holding onto it as a purpose for living, my biggest fear is that if and when i do someday accomplish that goal my life will become meaningless, but i will cross that bridge when i come to it i suppose.

Noah Hollingsworth says:

I believe it needs to be mentioned that all people are completely different, and so is there depression. When I was diagnosed with depression at 14, I was immediately put onto medication and met with a Psychiatrist immediately. I went from depression to numbness immediately, which wasn't a listed side-effect, and attempted suicide again at 15. Not everyone experiences depression in the same way… Not everyone will find salvation in the same drug. Find YOUR salvation.

Scoria says:

I've been on a self healing journey after a severe mental breakdown 8 months ago. I went one day feeling on top of the world to the next day panicking about life and death and every part of who I was and my memory was stripped from me. It was the hardest days of my life, day in and out of hell and misery. I have a background of mental illness so I knew the first steps to take. I sought out therapy and medication as soon as possible because I was afraid I might stop taking care of myself and commit suicide. I want to just say what in this video struck me as incredibly important for my personal recovery. Firstly, we don't have to dwell in our sadness and just wait for a new day. We can totally practice seeing beauty in the moment, and turn our day around. I say practice oppose to apply because it is like learning a new skill. Also remembering that you always have some control in your life. I had to try focusing on what I could do opposed to things I have no control over I.e. Death, which was my biggest trigger.
For anyone in deep despair, I know his words sounds unrealistic. As if he doesn't have a clue. That's the trick of depression and anxiety. I know the hell, truly, and I have moments now of overwhelming bliss. Please tell yourself to remain hopeful and that this will pass!
Another great tip I received was to start a gratitude journal. For me this just means thinking about or even vocalizing things throughout my day that I am thankful for. Start small if you have to and notice how much easier it can get day by day. Today be thankful that you are strong, and I hope you can believe that. <3

K.Nicole says:

I can't say this enough to people….changing my foods and exercising helped my depression so much. Has it taken it away? NO but I feel so much better now that I'm on whole foods. Also I smoke cannabis and never took any anti-depressants and I only smoke when I'm stressed or feel I'm going over to the dark side (depression).

tom pitt says:

hummm sexy Corina

Jerry Perry says:

Every now and then God makes people because it amuses him to see them struggle and fail. When they are depressed he can't resist the temptation to piss on them.

Lorrie Mutschall says:

I feel that with diet, exercise and medication combined is a good long term solution for me. I tried diet and exercise alone and it wasn't enough. I am 52 and the older I get the more sensitive I am to depression and anxiety.

Eelke Aptroot says:

One of my younger brothers suffers from depression, he's been on medication for years and I doubt he'll ever get off it.

reza parsa says:

An amazing video. So helpful and useful for me. I honestly learned so many great things to how manage and control my stress and depression. And looking forward to seeing more videos regard to health and physical therapy!
Thank you so much for being so kind to human being!!

Thank you so much for being so kind to human being!!

reza parsa says:

An amazing video. So helpful and useful for me. I honestly learned so many great things to how manage and control my stress and depression.
Thank you so much for being so kind to people.

utopiaopera says:

When people with depression come in here all depressed and say 'it's a load of rubbish' LOL. The irony is rightly lost on them. It's like someone who is deaf exclaiming they didn't hear a word he said.

Tyler Brooks says:

I have been depressed for a couple of years now. i got help years ago, they put me on medicine and i did not like how it changed me. i felt like it was just a band aid. Since then i have been fighting depression, or so it seems. I believe i know what would make me truly happy but i get sucked in again and again to distractions and depression. How just how do i win for good?

Glam orista says:

Whats that kind of dressing and camera angle when talking about such an important subject?!


What are your thoughts on Buteyko breathing? Also, Dr. Weil's 4 -7- 8 breathing?

Rusk Reeder says:

Professionally done.

Mental Health For Us says:

I have a channel dedicated to talking about mental health and illness. It is it's infancy but I hope to keep it consistent. I hope that you find the information on my page is helpful!

buddy buddy says:

Corrina all this shits you talk have bad affect on you. You should start using medications.

Brian Sanchez says:

I use weed and Lsd to battle my demons like a goddamn American.

Ruba Khalifeh says:

Lol this video is such bs….

Kathleen West says:

I don't think you and your guest understand what depression is. You don't talk about widely accepted scientific discoveries about the condition. While I agree that a healthy diet and lifestyle is important, I think it is careless to blanket dismiss modern medication and therapy. It is reckless. There is evidence that depression is genetic , in some cases, and there is no amount of diet change can alter your genes. I think it is important to let people figure out what works for them and not judge them for it. I've been a suscriber for a few years but this ends it for me.

Ella Septiplier says:

I think he's just talking about people who are sometimes sad and not people with chronic depression.

OnlyA NorthernSong says:

Forgiveness is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my chronic anger issues.

Earthling Hear says:

thank you 🙂 my sis took her life 2 yrs ago at 66 yrs old…she had been depressed/bipolar since she was diagnossed around aged 20 and be-lie-eved in the allopathic medicine for 40+ years and all the meds did was make it worse…she ended it with a lethal cocktail of pharma … she was beautiful, artistic and , had a high IQ and in "the"note she said that she couldnt think anymore (bc of "40 yrs of poisoning is what i call it)… doctors should be getting this by now and if they dont, its bc of the love of money…true story

Jose Lopez says:

Hi thank you for this video. I been taking different meds. for depression for a very long time. I say different because I feel they are not working. I'm stress and depressed over this matter I believe alot of Doctors really don't care Here take this or I'm going to give you this. I'm so tired Don't know what to do. Please any suggestions advice I will really be grateful. Thank you…

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