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visalus.com – The same exact dance, on the same exact day, the same exact time, in hundreds of cities across United States and Canada. The World’s Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob! On April 21, 2012 we [More]
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www.visalus.com — ViSalus is committed to championing Life, Health and Prosperity around the world and supporting people to achieve whatever personal victories they set their mind to. So for anyone who’s up for the Challenge, [More]
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This video shows that if a 5 year old can understand it, you can understand it. Are you ready to take the Challenge? Go to: msobh.myvi.net CONTACT ME AT MSOBH@MYVI.NET IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO [More]
www.BodyByViPresentation.com Visalus & the Body By Vi 90 Day challenge is on the Morning News. Body By Vi Challenge was featured on the Omaha Morning Blend Show. ViSalus’ 90 Day Challenge can improve YOUR Life, [More]
lawrencebland.myvi.net Tihs is Day Number 6 of My Body By Vi Weight Loss Challenge and I am EXCITED!!!!
lawrencebland.myvi.net This is Day Number 5, of Lawrence Bland 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge
lawrencebland.myvi.net This is Day Number 4 of my 90 Weight Loss Challenge
lawrencebland.myvi.net This Day Number 3 only one pound today, but I really cheated Big Time with half a bag of Pistachis Nuts. Ok, today I have to be GOOD 🙂
lawrencebland.myvi.net My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge! Join Me!
healthandfitnessclassified.com My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge
From me to you, Happy Easter, Be safe and never forget what this day is all about.