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http://www.MikeRiedmiller.com – Contact TriVita Presidential Directors Mike and Carisa Riedmiller anytime at 402-770-6676 about how you can have your own Tri…
http://www.MikeRiedmiller.com – Contact Mike and Carisa Riedmiller at 402-770-6676 anytime for more information about TriVita or the TriVita Wellness Center …
TriVita Cooperative Business Overview.
http://www.MikeRiedmiller.com – Contact TriVita Detox Challenge Leaders Mike and Carisa Riedmiller at 402-770-6676. The new TriVita Detox Challenge is a very…
http://www.MikeRiedmiller.com – Contact Mike and Carisa Riedmiller at 402-770-6676 anytime for more information about TriVita, Zamu Gold, Adaptuit, Nopalea o…
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This video was captured during the Leadership Certification Course on November 3rd, 2012. This video is of Timothy Herr training on John C. Maxwells Law of Sacrifice.
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Thank You to all our Veterans past present and future!!!
Cover of Angel eyes – Love and Theft by The Walters Twins. Shot on a blackberry playbook. We own no rights, and claim to own no rights to this song, and its contents.