Personal Trainer’s Testimony – ViSalus Body by Vi Protein Shake Smoothies Filled with Nutrition

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At long last a protein powder that is a home run hit. This perfect ‘heart-smart meal’ provides an ideal balance of nutrition and a unique Tri-Sorb™ protein b…


Mateusz Dubaj says:

Hi Laromanecc, you are so clever guy, please give me more facts against this bullshit idea 🙂
She said about 6minutes based on facts. It is clear and as far as I know about the nutrition it sounds like true. Why you say it is bullshit then? You may work? for someone who pays you to do it?

ellen campbell says:

Laro… How about this. Before? you spew out an ugly response, I suggest you do your research.

Laromanecc says:

You can say ‘scientifically proven’ all you want and spit? out other bullshit facts because you know nobody is going to take your product and and examine the contents in a lab. I really hope the supplement industry becomes more regulated so companies like this get shut down. I feel sorry for all the people who are too naive to know any better about this crap. Bodybuilders do not need as much protein as the industry would like you to believe, assuming there is actually protein in this ‘supplement’

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