Pinterest: 3 Quick Ways to Maximize Your SEO Value

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Close Today’s video shows you 3 quick and easy ways to improve your chances of the search engines finding your Pinterest boards.

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farawayvr says:

Thanks for a great video Jennifer….. Great? info

Michele Tremblay says:

So helpful? Jennifer! Thanks!

Elizabeth L Maness says:

Awesome? Job Jennifer!!!

Tina Anderson says:

What a helpful video with? clear information. Thank you so much!

Suzanne Jones says:

Again, awesome info just for me!!! Just sgot Pinterest last night? and didn’t know how to add my website so THANKS!!

Rhonda Uretzky says:

I was JUST saying? that I need to learn Pinterest – thanks for starting me out right!

Jackie de Boer says:

Thanks Jennifer, this was very helpful. I’m going to get my Pinterest account going this week and will surely be referring back to your video. ?

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