Pinterest Busters: Creating Custom Nail Colors with Eye Shadow??

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Can you create your own custom nail polish colors using eye shadow? I test this very popular Pinterest pin. Watch step by step as I attempt to add an old Cov…


emma stevens says:

Matte? nail polish!

steph bella says:

Loved Teal Me? a Story !
Great Name !

kendrajr says:

I wonder if this would? work with matte eyeshadows.. hmmm

OprahNoodlemantra87 says:

It’d really be a fun teenage/preteen sleepover craft, too. Tell girls to bring some clear polish and some? old shadows, and mix and play. I would have loved something like that as a 14 year old.

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Thanks, girl! I have to give my grandma most of? the credit for my nails. They have pretty much always been strong. But since I have started painting my nails on the regular I have had to use cuticle cream to keep them healthy. I’d recommend mine, but it’s discontinued . . . 🙁 It’s made mostly of Shea butter, though, if that helps!

Julie Richards says:

love this video! so jealous of your nails, maybe a video on? how you get your nails to grow and how you care for them!

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Nope. Wouldn’t that be nice?? Those things are beautiful!!!

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

It lasted an average amount of time. Maybe 3 days before the first chip. I think the lasting power is directly related to the quality of the clear polish. I don’t think the shadow? affected it at all. But that’s just my theory. I have never tried it with a different brand of clear polish.

gymba24 says:

Did it last on your? nail too?

urfavoriteamanda says:

This is a? great idea…pintrest busters is a hit girl! Id love to see more vids like this….Haha thank you Im gonna try this :))))

Morisgata Davis says:

By any? chance have you found a dupe for stila Countless Color Pigments.

Fatima Corleto says:

What? an awesome tutorial <3 !

Safire365 says:

now i know what to do with the eye shadows in my bottom drawer…liked the stuff when i got it but i never use any of it and its taking up space that could be used for new stuff. Just have to find a deal on a couple clear polishes…doesn’t pay to pay full price if i don’t? have to.

Mysticamusings says:

I did this a few years ago but with some old BE loose mineral eyeshadows mixed with polishes that weren’t clear but were just too sheer nude colors. About 1/2 tsp mixed in? polish they were super opaque, one coat looked like 3. It was fun playing around, but I never used the polishes I made, the finish on them was pretty matte, and given the amount of glitter in BE products, it just looked kinda like my polish got ruined by bed sheet marks. But it does work, for sure. I like this series, btw.

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Awwwwww! Thanks!!! That means? a lot!!! 🙂

Jen Luv's Reviews says:


Rashisha says:

I’ve thinking about making a comeback!!!! I will let u? know

PurpleKisses1110 says:

Oh girl I’m in awe with your? videos!!! This was amazing!!!

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

I absolutely? will! So glad you liked it!! 🙂

Rashisha says:

Hahaha stupid keek won’t? put Rashisha up as my username lol but yea it was meeeeeeee lol

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Thanks so much,? Alena!

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Thanks, Amelia! There will be more! If you see any good ones, let? me know! 🙂

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Thanks so? much, new friend!

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

I have no idea, girl. Time will tell if? it still works well over time or not. But I would imagine it would last as long as any other polish as far as being safe to use.

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Glad you liked it! I will definitely be looking for clear polish the next time I’m at the dollar store. I don’t think I’d buy Sally Hansen to do it again, but for a dollar I’d totally make more! Thanks for watching, my? dear! 🙂

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

I know, right? I was shocked! Glad you? liked the name!!! 🙂

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

I have no idea if? it would work with a top coat. It might. This was my first try. As far as the clumping, after a few hours most of the shadow settles at the bottom of the bottle, but when you shake it, it goes back to being usable again. Not sure about the long term. We shall see! Great questions! 🙂

Jen Luv's Reviews says:

Glad you liked it,? Barbara! 🙂

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