Pinterest Lies, Vol. I: PAM Nails

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Vol. I: Because Pinterest was built on a foundation of lies, intended to make us feel inferior. Leave your pins/ideas that you wish for me to attempt! tumblr…

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TheGnskE says:

I don’t know about you but the second coat always takes? like forever to be completely dry on my nails 🙂

IndecentLove says:

Not trying to start a fight or anything,? but wouldn’t the nails be dry after 5 minutes anyway? 🙂 Lol, just a thought…

TheGnskE says:

It does work but not like they explain it. Trust me, I’ve tried. Basically, you have to leave it there for like 5min and then NOT wipe it but wash it off? with soap and water. Usually, that does the trick for me, even after like the seventh coat of a nail art thingy 🙂

Sage Ross says:

Brown sugar water and lemon juice in a spray bottle was suppsedly going to straiten hair? without heat >_<

haulingholly says:

You have to? continue with this series!! Too funny! Love you Grace!

rezOnanceUK says:

You scare me?

dek1093 says:

So many things? on Pinterest that just seem a little too good to be true…. 🙂

WhereTheGingerAt says:

Everyone is getting? so serious about HOW MUCH PAM IS USED. Calm down. I tried it and it doesn’t even work with “Lightly spritzed” nails. Grace, will you please try the band-aid polka dot nail art trick? It is where first you paint your nails. Then, when dry you put a band-aid onto it and paint over it with a different color. it is supposed to make polka dots,

Katie Driscoll says:

are you? tongue tied??

qutopian says:

I love? the energy in this video.

Savannah Marie says:

I’ve done it. You don’t do it that close!!? It works if you spray farther back.

SantaStoleMyDNA says:

Can you? upload more please?

MissChristian96 says:

im pretty sure you werent supposed to spray the PAM so close? to your nails. maybe at a farther distance?

Jessica Baker says:

I have? a feeling that I am going to enjoy this series very much:)

nat29310 says:

Amen my sister from? another mister! 😀
Pintrest is a lying operation. All the things on there
lead to an epic failure!
Experienced…haha c:

Trish Stocco says:

The dried strawberries that are suppose? to taste like fruit snacks do not work either…. just saying..

letyouhaveit says:

Can you do a draw? my life? Please…<3

randomlyaudrey says:

You’re videos? are amazing 🙂

jeremiahsinner21 says:

I love you?

Susan H says:

I tried this once! It wiped right off! That upset me so.. much!? But I liked you video, also your so pretty!

Lizzie Marr says:

It? said 2 wipe it off

hiding zeus says:

Fantastic! I love this idea. ?

sugartub says:

Haha im so? excited for this series 🙂

skypye207 says:

So much fucking butthurt! It’s PAM? nails, calm your tits! It’s not like any of you actually came up with the damn concept.

Kagamine Rin says:

Guys, this is a? video REVIEW! Not a this-will-work-on-everyone video..

sweatshopadventure says:

I have tried this before and? it dies work. You aren’t supposed to spray it that close.

Grace Mongelli says:

@willcuppy *? do this and time not tumor

Grace Mongelli says:

@willcuppy it does work for me. Truly. I don’t know why you feel the need to correct me on something I KNOW works for me. At least with Essie and OPI. I doth is every tumor I paint my nails, the right way too, and I spray them? with PAM and they are almost completely dry. It does work an I don’t know what makes you think you can question me on it. Why would I lie about Pam nails?

ardrhi says:

Additionally, you don’t even spray PAM on a frying pan as heavily as you sprayed it on your nails. You only? spray a thin misting when you use it to cook with. That’s not something you have to “innately infer”, those are the cooking instructions ON THE CAN.

reallygraceful says:

The original instructions I based this video off of are pictured in? the video. “Spray pam on freshly painted nails. Wipe off. Nails should be dry.” I cannot? innately infer additional instructions that are not listed.

13xoxoalex says:

You? dont know that.

ardrhi says:

Uhhh…the original article says “Lightly mist freshly painted nails”.? You didn’t “lightly mist”, you “heavily globbed”. Of course it’s going to look like hell if you spray so much on it’s dripping off in streams. The idea is to hold the can way back and lightly spray so a fine cloud of the stuff falls on the nails, gently, barely coating them. That’s what they mean. Whether that works or not, I have no idea, but it’s more likely than what you did.

willcuppy says:

um no, it doesn’t. truly, also different polish have different ingredients. If you do a REAL job of putting on polish, they need to dry. Even the commercial sprays (you can buy them and they are about the cost? of PAM anyway) tell you they HELP dry faster. Go to Sally’s and spring for a can of the stuff the pros use.

willcuppy says:

see the point is, if this did NOT work for her, it will NOT work for anyone. It’s like saying about Newton “well, just because gravity works for him, I’m? still jumping off my roof”. Honestly, it doesn’t work for anyone.

Steven Dillon says:

Grace, do you still watch Lost? I remeber you saying that in an episode a few months? ago, but you never said anything else about it.

13xoxoalex says:

Well the way you’re titling it, misleads people.?

GraceSings says:

Actually, I feel like that’s exactly? what it means….

reallygraceful says:

It’s just a video. It’s not a statement of? how things are, were, or will be.

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