RHOC: Shannon Beador Opens up About Her Weight Loss (Season 12, Episode 20) | Bravo

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And her relationship with David. Watch new episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Mondays at 9/8c, only on Bravo! #RHOC
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This season, things are looking up in Vicki’s life– her relationship with new beau Steve is getting serious, her business is expanding and she finally has her daughter Briana and grandbabies back in the OC. Except, Vicki and Tamra still find themselves at a major crossroads in their decade long friendship. Tamra, still filled with anger and resentment from last season’s accusations, struggles to find forgiveness. Her feud with the OG of the OC has pushed her even closer to God as she reconnects with her old friend Lydia over bible study. Back into the fold, Lydia tries to reclaim her title of “Friendship Whisperer” by attempting to mend fences with Vicki and Tamra, but quickly realizes that being Switzerland will be easier said than done. The residual stress from last year’s bus ride from hell leaves Shannon in a vulnerable state as she tries to refocus her energy on getting into shape, keeping the spark alive in her marriage and caring for the newest member of the Beador clan, dog Archie. New mom Meghan finds motherhood rewarding but difficult as she struggles with lack of sleep, post-partum hormones and Jimmy being an overbearing father. Meanwhile, for Kelly, her marriage to Michael is still complicated, but when Tamra and Shannon befriend her, it makes everyone around her question what her motives are.

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RHOC: Shannon Beador Opens up About Her Weight Loss (Season 12, Episode 20) | Bravo


Yootoober 95 says:

She still looks like shit

MsJenn1985 says:

I get her completely I gained 4st in a year and went from being on deaths door to a healthy perfect weight, I’ve now lost another 2st and I feel too thin, doesn’t mind what size you are you can still feel hurt xx

Tanja Petties says:

Love my girl Shannon….
She has always owned up to what she says and has done….
Hell with it Vicki spreading rumors
About David did have stress on Shannon mentally and emotionally
Which will cause any one man or women to over indulge….
Love to my girl Shannon she looks fantastic marvelous stupendous curvalicious

Eric Ryan says:

She needs to worry more about her mental health.

Sam M says:

I give her props for finally letting go of David ending a relationship with someone you have been with for years and they way they got together must truly tough. No one has to go through what she went through. No woman/man has to deal with being cheated on, dismissed by their spouse no matter the situation.

Chelsea Clem says:

too bad i need to lose 70 lb lol

Steph D says:

Even though Shannon gets on my nerves most of the time, I do gotta give her props, it takes a lot to do what shes being going thur.

Grace Caudill says:

I love Shannon.

Afeni Mahogany says:

Lydia, Peggy & Kelly have the bitch please look on their faces lol

a w says:

Shannon still cannot find it on her to blame her cheating ass husband

Niya Carr says:

Yass shannon speak your truth

TexasBoi TV says:

Awe Shannon, I Luv how genuine she is. Even her flaws make you love her.

Hibiscus Jay says:

Shannon has still not admitted graciously that she was conveniently blaming Vicki rather than her failing marriage . She only conceded that she should admit responsibility herself, after the backlash she faced over social media once the season aired.

Buttercup jones says:

One time I can say I really am proud of Shanon… she looks really nice this year on the reunion

Bae Shaphero says:

"That's not the person I am!" Sorry sweetie, it's EXACTLY who you are.

Bae Shaphero says:

I can't believe all the excuses people make for Shannon. Her fans are delusional. I actually think she's amazing for the show and want her to stay on but she's crazy and was emotionally abusive to David constantly. She has no self awareness. Total train wreck. People just feel bad for her because David cheated but I would've cheated too if I were him. He was in a loveless marriage being emasculated constantly and treated like garbage.

Ginger Rogers says:

Shannon will never forgive…go home

Rusty845637 says:

"Not this year" wtf Tamras a fuckin bitch dude

Gabbi Locke says:

Shannon's contour looks like someone took mud and put it on her face.

Ginger Rogers says:

Shannon will be dragging tamra off the stage next year

Ginger Rogers says:

Shannon is a narcissistic sociopath and everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid

Stephanie S says:

WHERE is Heather Dubrow??!!! We got Lydia which is a horrible choice

Brittany Ann says:

You know what…. I completely feel where Shannon is coming from on this. She and Kelly have a lot more in common than they think. When you’re unhappy with your household issues, it’s difficult to conduct yourself like your regular self.

Rammah Musa says:

My favorite show. Bravo TV is my watch hobby.


Why is she still wearing her wedding ring?

Wagon Wheel says:

RAW I've always been a fan of Shanon. Very relatable.

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