RippLn: Seperating Facts From Fiction Do You Know The Difference

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Close I pulled the bulk of the written info from RippLn’s Fact .vs Fiction document. The spoken commentary comes from what I have pe…


JohnH108 says:

I see top Banners Broker Ponzi shill Al Sills is now into Rippln.

What does that tell you about the? type of people Rippln attracts?

JohnH108 says:

“myth #4 Rippln is over-representing the money people can earn from their app?
which Apple likely won’t even allow in the App Store.
Rippln is much more than one app.”

LOL RIPPLN ain’t even ANY App Jeez guys get real.

JohnH108 says:

As far as I can see Rippln is a Pyramid shaped gifting scheme

Rippln say they are “not a Pyramid scheme” well they would say that wouldn’t they.

Like I always said from the start Apple will? never allow Rippln’s App (if it ever turns up)into their App store N.E.V.E.R. & rightfully so.
PHASE 1 is setting up the pyramid scheme
PHASE 2 will be running the pyramid scheme

Also Apple, Microsoft, Pepsi etc actually have PRODUCTS Rippln’s got nothing
Scammers are always “passionate” about their scheme

JohnH108 says:

Rippln the mobile App company? with no App LOL

LostMyReality says:

I have 5 invites, so just send me a PM if you want one. I don’t know a lot about the project so don’t ask me anything about it, I just got some? invites from a friend.

Troy Dooly says:

Now I understand. I did cover the Terry LaCore issues and provided all the legal documentation to show Terry did not commit security fraud, which is a criminal offence. He did however? fail to submit the correct SEC paperwork disclosing how he was paid by the company and that cost him $50K in fines.

Wafloss says:

Thank you, mr. Dooly. I was thinking about the accusation about security frauds, SEC, Terry Lacore and other bad things? BehidMLM was mentioning in two articles from April 2013.

Troy Dooly says:

I just do not fully understand your comment. Can you try to explain a little more to? your question?

Troy Dooly says:

I can go review what Oz has written. Is this current or his older reviews before the changes?

Also, I have addressed some of Oz’s points in a couple of other posts. Oz,? like many of us were very concerned in the beginning. I really see some changes, but only time can tell.

Troy Dooly says:

I will review the other company. It might be close or maybe not. Sometimes it depends on the comp plan.

There is still a? monthly fee if fan upgrades. (I think they are called fans)

Rui Silva says:

Hi Troy… If I got it right, RippIn is changing to look like Bonofa,? the european company…

Just look to that company. I can send you the comp plan if you want.

By the way what happens to the monthly fee you have to pay ?

Wafloss says:

Good video mr. Dooly. Could you? answer the accusations in BehindMLM article as a neutral person in this matter? Thanking you!

Vitoria Hansen says:

Can you prove that is good? Why? they dont tell what is about?

frédérique Bounatirou says:

thanks to translate in french,? it’s so interesting…

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