See What Happened at Vitality 2013!

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Live from Orlando here are some of the highlights of what you missed (or got to see) at Vitality 2013. Including the launch of Vi-Crunch, recognizing our new…


singtricket says:

Oh ya I made the highlight reel.. I’m? crying like a big baby but I’m there.. In yellow reflectors so my team could find me:) on stage being recognized for losing over 100 pounds .. It’s life changing and I’m still going strong.. Who’s gonna come join me on the challenge? I am proof that anything is possible!!

lisa fuller says:

I loved Vitality 2013! It was so good to MEET the company that makes ViSalus? #1!

Ron Gobeli says:

can you send me a link to this? I’m looking for a very specific part of? Vitality, but can’t seem to find it anywhere on youtube….thanks!

Luz-Valeria De Los Santos says:

Love Visalus?

pma101 says:

New Products, New Goals, New? Challenge. Are you up for The Challenge?

Rich Lopez says:

“THEY CAN TRY AND COPY US BUT WILL? NEVER CATCH US” ~Blake Mallen #rightplace #righttime #rightleadership #creatingstories #changinglives #vilife

Jenny Alford says:

Loved every minute of Vitality! Thank you? from the bottom of my heart to all of our leaders! Your transparency is such a blessing…I know ABSOLUTELY that this is the right company, the right team and the right time…let’s win the war on OBESITY & build HIS KINGDOM in the process!

Lita Browning says:

Thank you ViSalus for putting the whole? week-end on Upstream it was almost like being there. I would have preferred to be there in person, other things happen 🙂 It was awesome 🙂 Thank you to all the 5 Stars and above for making all of this possible 🙂

Brandon Sherman says:

My first Vitality and I have already booked? my next event.

Jorge Gouverneur says:

Love it. Memories of? an unforgettable weekend.

Maryann Perez says:

Awesome? video! I wish I could have been there!

1KHtown1 says:

Thanks for a great weekend Visalus!!! Crunch? time baby!

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