Skype Valentines: Mother Earth Skype Goddess Can Get Your Skype Back – Stop Skype Hackers!

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Close Julie Wolf, Skype Coach, is co-creating with others around the world in this Valentine YouTube videolink circleSkype room project. W…

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Patsy j Payne says:

Your passion for skype has rubbed off on me? and now I’m addicted. Animoto is next

Julie Wolf says:

yup. I sure? do love Skype.

Julie Wolf says:

thanks for commenting and enjoying? my YouTube Video Circle. Did you do the short series?

Julie Wolf says:

Thank you? Debbie! Appreciate it!

TVSteveHarris says:

Supaaaaaaaaaaa Wow I Love this and the Music so Coooooooooooool….!?

cmw9409 says:

Awesome video. Julie, you are and awesome Skype coach too. :)?

Debbie Ducic says:

Your new video makes it clear you have a new program to help people keep from being hacked on? Skype. That would be VERY valuable to many! Good for you Julie!
Happy Valentines Day!

Xarah Dax says:

very refreshing. Happy? V-day to you Julie!

rtarbinar says:

i’m diggin’ the joplin!? 😉

TamamInternational says:

Thanks? for sharing your link.

jedgarbillings says:

I’m kinda getting the Idea here that your really love your? skype 🙂

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