Soothing Scalp, Face & Neck Massage Tutorial, How to, HD ASMR Soft Spoken Voice & Relaxing Music

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Soothing Head and Neck Massage Tutorial, How to, ASMR Soft Spoken Voice & Relaxing Music

Meera Hoffman teaches massage techniques for the neck and scalp using relaxing massage to calm stress and reduce pain. This video can teach you how to massage a friend or or loved one to relieve pain and stress.

This is a very relaxing video that can help you fall asleep with beautiful massage music and may have Soft Spoken ASMR effects.

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Music by iChill Music Factory
Song: Rainforest Dusk
Album: Float Away

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old & grey says:

many supposedly relaxing massage channels on YouTube but none seem to manage to produce videos as well put together as these. nice relaxing massage, very jealous !?

Dan Guerena says:

I wonder if Corrina ever fell asleep making these??

Cardier Just says:

Oh how I've missed this, nooiiccee?

Jeremy James says:

rough life, kiddo. :)?

Candace B says:

I love these types of videos. This one is great. I sure miss Athena though! Those original videos back in 2011/12 are what lead me to ASMR.?

20alphabet says:

As a masseuse, this lovely lady is a vast improvement over what I've come to expect!?

Greyfort 7 says:

So relaxing. I'm going to fall asleep.?

Navajo Joe says:

I love your sweetness, I imagine you and Me make love many Hours in bed?

Esmeralda Mendez says:

Please do a video focused on the coccyx and tailbone ??

Justthatgirlish says:

I miss Athena though?

DoorsFan91 says:

Where is Melissa??

Stephanie Beauregard says:

were do you find someone who can do this??

Empty Soul says:

Re-upload video??

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