Splits Flexibility with Krystin ? Yoga Workout for Beginners, 30 Minute Gentle Hip Opening Stretch

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Splits Flexibility with Krystin | 30 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners, Gentle Hip Opening Stretch

Get your Splits with Krystin! This 30 minute yoga workout helps you build flexibility and strength, warming up the body for more advanced stretches in the rest of the series. This is great for beginners, dancers, cheerleader or anyone who wants to be more flexible!

Featuring Krystin Scott, RYT, MSW, BCBA
Registered Yoga Teacher
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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Song: Summer
Album: Ibiza Chill

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Christopher TURNER says:

Hi krystin…I enjoyed the workout session  today, I have a herniated disk in my L4 disk with a side order of syndic nerve lol…this session helped…thanks

Julia Strebe says:

puhhh du hast mir grad klar gemacht wie steif und unflexibel ich bin ^^ klasse workout!! Hat super viel Spaß gemacht und mich gut gefordert 🙂 Vielen Dank

Holypikemanz says:

Not nearly as arousing as the usual stuff. Losing your touch! That music had me laughing too.

mickmick 1972 says:

Wheres Joy??

SUKINA says:

This workout is great for me.

Maureen Woodland says:

Just done your class for the first time. This was a great routine for me. Will continue to stalk you ??

Ramona Walter says:

Don't want to watch deep breathing too long.

Mitochondria says:

I have been following your videos and all this has become easy. can you PLEASE DO a advanced tutorial. and cut it down to 15 min. PLEASE

Kate C. Hilton says:

Breathing is a good call, I've been neglecting that lately

Em Duyen says:

While doing this along with her I kept yawning every time I exhaled lol

kayla kalie says:

where did you get your shirt ?

Sara Nazirli says:

The music and her breathing almost got me asleep.

Avianna louisa says:

omg i just did all this its sooooo nice it nice to streatch where u normally wouldnt and it has pain at first but the breathing makes it go away it so nice i learly feel asleep ? love it so much ????

20alphabet says:

Good work, keep it up!

Indica Auri says:

Yay for prime! Woot(:

janiecel says:

This music is ?

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