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Jacqueline Lemus says:

If I'm taking BCAAs during my workout, should I take a scoop of the CLA+coconut+aminos before the gym? Or should I take a scoop of the CLA+carnatine. My focus is fat loss.

Alida Glendon says:

What is the best product or brand to lost tons of fat? I read lots of good reviews on the internet about how Antinobotan Solution will help you lost a lot of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular lose weight methods?

Sherrina White says:

Hi Noel, Where can you purchase the Best Glutamine? It's not on the BPI website

Myrvyn Bart says:

If you wish to lose weight, you should search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Etelle Stephan says:

I work out at night (around 8) because of my work schedule, so I take BCAA throughout the day but I've found that sometimes I have trouble sleeping. What's the latest you recommend drinking it?

Nyssa Evanne says:

It would be a waste for you not to get rid of body fat when other normal people are capable to lose weight quickly by using Fenoboci Diet Plan (do a google search).

Katrine DeGuzman says:

Would you recommend buying Best BCAA w/ energy or Best Creatine Defined as a starter?

Jaimie Carey says:

What supplements do you suggest to burn fat?

Aesthetic Muscles says:

Do a collab with Steve Cook.

Manfred Bismark says:

Hello NOEL. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL. Have a nice day. Bye. Rudi from EUROPA.

Corey Chatman says:

You look good. Thanks girl.

Nala Martinelli says:

I'm going to buy all of this!!! ??? Can't wait for more gains!!!

Neikia Miller says:


Kass_Culo says:

Girl you look amazing!!

Angel Romero says:

I love your videos and this one was great! A lot of great info on supplements which is something I've wanted to learn more about.

Alicia Brooks says:

Thanks for information on supplements I totally support BPI Products and also is helping me to get fit. Awesome vlog??

lizzet castro says:

Hi Noel thaaank you for this video , best glutamine I want to confirm . so should you take it alone or is it okay to take it with bccas with energy on it or any other suplement?

arThuG1 says:

Your so gorgeous Noel! The real definition of beautiful!!

Pai The Tortoise says:

What's causing your hair to grow so dang fast ?

Sara Ali says:

How often do you use those supplements? like do you use them for a month then cycle off and then start again or just continuously take them? 🙂

starscoach1 says:

Great information on supplements. It was very informational and will help me out alot.

Gabriella Del Castillo says:

So I'm not sure if I'm stacking my supplements correctly!!!????

I take CLA +coconut oil /aminos in the morning with breakfast

Before I workout I take Best BCAA with energy.

Then immediately after my workout I take Best Creatine.

•I've been interested in taking Roxy Lean but not sure if it would fit in with my supplements or if it has any negative side effects with the other supplements I'm taking ^^

* all BPI supplements*

projecktchaos says:

Good info, Appreciate you making the video.

Stephanie Belleau says:

Have you ever made protein pancakes with that BPI protein? If so were they good?

sabrina gutkowski says:

Hi! I have a question, if you're bulking and trying to gain muscle (booty gains) then should I take fat burners still like cla and carnitine to try to stay lean or would that just counteract the bulking? Thanks 🙂

Matt Payne says:

Love you Noel haha. I've never had BPI sports products, but they're stocked @ the Walgreens up the street from me, & I'd for sure use their whey powder myself. You're on Facebook too? I'll try to find ya. I'm on Facebook & YouTube a lot so… Later.

Selene Sosa says:

Does the Roxy Lean increase you heart rate? I've taken fat burners that have really messed me up and made me feel sick and jittery.

Casey Holder says:

Try the seated eagle yoga pose! 🙂

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