“SWISH SWISH” by Katy Perry | Club FITz Fitness Choreo by Lauren Fitz

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Song “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry
Produced by Robert DeLeon @ http://www.mixzawa.com
Cinematography by Elmie Enriquez


Kevin Peebles says:

Unavailable in the UK ?

lillyj47 bell says:

girl in the purple slayin it

ROZYLAND2008 says:

The video said is unavailable here in dubai

LosPP100 says:

I missed Kelsi and the old group, now isn't the same

ItWillRainXO says:

You should totally check out the song pum pum by Farina to do a dance video!!! Great dance song

JAM Jonie Miller Zumba - Wichita Kansas says:

I've seen this choreo along time ago.. and now her video is gone she had thousands of views.. 🙁

Alejandra Pedraza says:

damn!!! this was the ?!!

msjinabina says:

Are u doing any classes in LA

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