Tank Top Arms Workout – Shoulders, Arms & Upper Back Workout

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Flo says:

wow this killed me with 10 lb weights, lol thanks!

Power Fitness says:

Execente video and content put more!

Moondust says:

I love this workout, It feels good

Elisheva Ray says:

This felt so good to do. Not only that it was perfect for what I needed this morning. I used four pound weight. Thanks Fitness Blinder!

Syed Golam Mohammad says:

ONEK SUKHE ACHO jaan pakhi

Ban Ellá says:

i‘ve been doing this for 3 months 5 times a week and the results are amazing! ??

??????? ??????? says:

??? ??????? ???????

samin MVH says:

how many cal does this workout burn ?

Zaheer Ahmed says:

Hallo…. i am doing this workout once a day 7 days a week…is tgis enough? I want to get slim arms shoulders n back

Radu Cîndea says:

wait wait wait, does this excercise also builds up muscles cause that is what i want

Roumaissa Tria says:

I used two bottles of water applying that.

Yasmine Zerrouni says:

Your the best!!!

Just Brute says:

The best fitness channel… i love all your videos

Gayle Montana says:

Good workout after a good walk biceps are happy

za8cun says:

I only use 2.5 kg dumbbell each hand and it hurts like crazy

Carla Thomason says:

still great

Nadine Karmel Alcantara says:

***Reps: Exercise is done for 50 seconds
* Sets: 1

1) Toning Trio
2) Bicep Curl + 2 hooks
3) Reverse Fly Pulses
4) Chest Squeeze and Overhead press
5) Windmill + Tricep Extension
6) Arm Circles
7) Single arm fly

Damaris Fabela says:

Your arms look amazing

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