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Ben Proud says:

My TDEE is basically 3000 calories, and my BMR is basically 2000. Now, I'm very slightly overweight, at 205lbs and I'm 6ft but I never though to myself as someone who eats a lot. I decided to download My Fitness Pal to track my macros and these are the results from the last 3 days. This is basically a normal diet for me:

Day 1 – 1,793 Calories (89g protein, 234g carbohydrates, 50g fat,25g fiber)
Day 2 – 1,949 Calories (149g Protein, 133g Carbohydrates, 68g Fat, 26g Fiber)
Day 3 – 1,827 Calories (167g Protein, 195g Carbohydrates, 33g Fat, 22g Fiber)

I feel like this amount of food is dangerously low and I've lost no weight for what seems like years. I've been to the doctors and my thyroid is relatively normal so I don't know what to put it down to, I must be doing something wrong

I play golf twice a week, which involves 6 miles of walking each time, and I go to the gym 2/3 times a week also, mostly working on core and cardio, but I do the odd leg day and chest and arms or whatever.

Any help would be appreciated, especially from the god himself 😀


Ari Salgado says:

can someone help my BMR is 1351 and my TDEE is 1554 how many calories should i intake in order to loose weight ?? helpp!?

1234swagcookie says:

Once you know how many calories to ingest, how do you count them??

Recreational_Shit • says:

Idk I'm not over weight but I'm wanting to lose weight I'm 6'2 205 pounds I'm still in school and I have to walk a decent amount but when I get home I don't do anything but chill my tdee is 2341 and my bmr is 2036 what does that mean? Eat less then 2341 calories??

Maria Lopez says:

Does anyone know what the formula mean on tdee??

Mateo Doroteo says:

So basically you just eat a lot less calories than your tdee is??

Lynette Gayle says:

Do you need to adjust your TDEE every time you lose 10 pounds????

Lynette Gayle says:

Thank you :)?

Jeff Maynard Fitness says:

Great video Jon! This is exactly what I set up all my personal training clients on.?

bryan veras says:

My tdee is over 5000 and im only 15 weighing at 176, im so confused?

Caitlin Hoover says:

Thank you so much for making this video!! It helped me so much!! I learned a lot just by watching this. ???

Julesx says:

i lost 1 pound already OMG?

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