“The Pinterest Plot” – Pretty Darn Funny Season 2 – Ep. 2

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Download a FREE ringtone of the Pretty Darn Funny theme song: http://prettydarnfunny.com/ringtone Gracie enlists the comedy troupe to help Madison out of her…


Crystal Gwilliam says:

Too funny! I LOVE? Pinterest… this just made me laugh! Great job, guys! Definitely have my “no” pile on recipes and crafts..

Cami Moses says:

Homemade Mason Jars–enough? said.

Dorothy Teel says:

That is so funny cause, I look a some of the wonderful ideas on Pinterest and wonder who in the world has? time to do all of that, I do like pinterest cause I do get some great ideas and I enjoy the Six Sisters. thank you for sharing was fun to watch

Emily F says:

So much fun! Just got? into Pinterest, so no stories yet, but this was great!

Kelly Fox says:

Yeah! Pinterest does make you? feel like a failure sometimes! LOL. Thanks for making fun!

Kymburleev says:

Oh, this is the funniest one yet! By far! I totally want to send the link to my sister-in-law, but that might not be subtle enough . . .

Mostly I just pin stuff I think is cool so other people will repin it and I can feel cool by extension. Though one time I made the cinnamon crescent rolls. The butter? and sugar flooded the cookie sheet and turned into a bubbly brown mess. The rolls were flat and floppy but the kids ate them happily.

I threw the cookie sheet away when no one was looking.

Anna Wright says:

…Seriously.? These are great videos 🙂

Anna Wright says:

This is SO AMAZING :D? (Hey, is she from Kid History?)

Shelly Hubbard says:

So funny! Glad I’m not the only one who can relate to these situations! Sometimes you? just have to laugh…

Luisa Perkins says:

I don’t have a Pinterest fail, but you’ve inspired me! Tomorrow is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Moneypenny’s half birthday! I’ll celebrate by inviting all the neighborhood dogs over? for a Medieval Japanese Shogun Showdown. I’ll make little bento boxes filled with homemade gluten-free dog biscuits cut out in the shapes of kanji, and each pooch will model his/her best kimono! Koi No Yokan!

Keri P says:

Okay, the line about Pinterest being invented by Martha Stewart and your MIL to make you feel guilty – it’s so true! I admit I use it to save recipes, but when I look at these clothes/nails/hairdos/crafts that some friends post, it makes me want to sit there with a bowl of brownie batter too. I haven’t had a craft fail – but this? chicken/cabbage dinner that I tried to make one night was awful!

charrette says:

What does it say about me that eating brownie batter and watching bad t.v. actually sounds kinda good right now?!?

My favorite Pinterest fail actually happened to my friend: For months she harvested and saved dryer lint, and rolled it with Vaseline to make her own special Firestarter Balls. When she lit the first one, it practically exploded. She ended up almost catching her hair on fire!

Now all? her dryer lint goes straight in the trash.

Janeen Aggen says:

Great way to start my day – with a big chuckle and a smile at all those crazy ladies who get sucked into outdoing each other. Clever, funny and? right on target!

lulu hanson says:

I? like the middle one



Heidi Grange says:

Funny! And I thought I was the only one who got depressed? looking at the amazing art on pinterest. 😉

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