The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

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Why working out is great for health, but not for weight loss, explained in five minutes.

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Bobby Stinklehoffer says:

How did this site get the name Vox when a bunch of other things had the name??

Piet de Berg says:

Bullshit video?

Ros Dalzell says:

Exercise builds muscle and the more muscle you have the higher your basal metabolic rate. In simpler terms, it makes that process that burns most of your calories HEAPS more efficient, something they seem to have left out in this video.?

SkerpTop A says:

"exercise is pretty useless when it comes to weight loss". I shall be skipping this video.?

Taga Way says:

it depends on the person.?

Wormhole Times says:

Just look at that fat bellied construction worker… he busts his balls for 8 hours and he is still fat.?

Rob Edwards says:

Exercise is the ONLY way. Worried about glycogen do fasted training.?

rbc21 says:

so the point is we just have to watch what we eat carefully?such as…?

TheArnoldification says:

Omg you dumbasses. The video is not saying not to exercise. It's just informing you that diet is a bigger contributer to weight than exercise or the lack thereof.?

Euan Shields says:

This is bullshit?

Stian Jonsen says:

So many retards in the comment section
This video exists because there's so many delusional fat retards in the world who try exercising and "eating healthy" to lose weight, then they give up after 2 weeks because they're not getting results. They then go onto the internet and start blaming their "metabolism", genetics or medical conditions like complete idiots, thinking they defy the laws of thermodynamics
Losing weight is literally just energy in, energy out
Have some self control and eat less calories than you burn, and you will lose weight. Exercise and eating healthy is completely optional, which is what the video is trying to say if you pay attention?

boo bleh says:


Enigma Cipher says:

OMG No! I burned 30lbs in a month when I started training to fight, now mind you we are talking 6+ hours a day but it is entirely possible to burn large amounts of weight with exercise. Also heavy weight training raises the resting metabolic rate by about 10 calories an hour for a 36 hour period, this is the well known afterburn effect that body builders talk about. Now I am older and after a prescription the doctor gave me packed 31lbs on me. I cannot hold up to working the heavy bag 6 hours a day anymore so I started a keto diet with intermittent fasting (16/8 split) and moderate weight training, I have lost 16lbs in the past 24 days.?

Jihad Khalid says:

This all based on the assumption when people say "I wanna lose weight" they just want lower number on the scale, regardless of body shape. Even if you looked slimmer with a six-pack.

Continue reading studies…?

Eric Bowling says:

This video explanation is the reason why Americans are so overweight. People think of exercise as "cardio".

Nowhere in this video did they touch on weightlifting or the studies done on excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Cardio burns fat and burns muscle. Weight lifting burns fat and builds muscle.

More muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate, meaning your body becomes more efficient at burning calories on a daily basis.

The fitness community is all about nutrition. Thats where the saying 70% nutrition/30% working out or 80% nutrition/20 % working out came from.

In the past 5 years of coaching I found that most people under eat, not over eat. When you don't eat for your BMR or TDEE, you can actually shut down your metabolism. Your metabolism is the fat burning switch, not just calories in vs. calories out.

People consume too little calories in the wrong macronutrient percentages. On top of that, people fail to prioritize building muscle and instead focus on cardio and aerobic activities.?

Rolf Nazareth says:

what about the constipation problem in the US lol?

I will find you and I will do else or 101 says:

This is bs I weighed 140 pounds now I'm 134 and I exercised so it does help you idiots?

Drop_ Swarms_Kid says:

So then how do I lose weight?

Eat less food????

Christina Pan says:

Intense training and a correct mindset works for me. I don't compensate for my exercise. I actually read that it suppresses appetite, and it does do that for me. Exercise and eating correctly are both very important to losing weight in a healthy manner. Exercise also increases metabolism and makes you more toned in appearance. It may not do much on the scale, but it is great for your mental and physical health.?

Janet Norton says:

I had not heard of the diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) right up until my mate spoke so very about it when they lost almost 10 pounds. I googled “sowo amazing plan” and so should you.?

Joshua Iniguez says:

So just go on a diet??

Christina Meyer says:

This is why I love Vox. Now, too often, journalism outlets will post this same title "The science is in: exercise isn't the best way to lose weight" and simply make that claim without any backup, creating unsubstantiated click bait. This video, on the other hand, took into account all the nuances of that statement and gave digestible scientific evidence to back that up. Time, the Huffington Post, etc. could all take a lesson from Vox.?

Soren Larssen says:

the trick is, sit on your ass all day doing nothing, no eating… nothing. eventually you will lose all your weight?

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