The truth about Shakeology and Visalus Shakes

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This video reveals the Truth about certain marketing claims made by visalus, beach body and their vi-shape and shakeology drink. Read The Article as well as …


Candice Ziebart says:

very helpful? video! I think you just saved me 140 bucks 🙂

Angie Evans says:

Thank? you for posting this video. Great to know the truth.

Mark McCulloch says:

Fantastic Video

Very Enjoyed Watching it

Will Be? Back Soon

Tim Dixon says:

Just out of curiosity can you tell me what is ARTIFICIAL in Shakeology? Granted I see ALOT of artificial things? in Visalus including sucralose but I don’t see anything artificial in Shakeology. I don’t think you have done your research well enough to see exactly all the health benefits of Shakeology.? It is much more than a meal replacement shake.

Haon Do says:

this is? REAL keep at it?

Paul Martin says:

wow… amazing? video ?

Lisa Hill says:

Woah! Really?? I want to try someday?

Jone Bill says:

Very nice presentation, well done ?

Paul Martin says:

hey Ive been thinking of getting into this.? Hows it? going for you so far?

Rason Robinson says:

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Betty Hall says:


Lora Clark says:

(Awesome VID :D?? <

Kevin While says:

FAN-TAS-… wait for it… TIC! subbed? for ever!?

Steve King says:

I? like this!!?

Lisa King says:

Youre? steadily improving! Keep it up ?

Lisa Hill says:

awesome! a? favorite? and? a tumbs up

Mark King says:

Love? this? video, I thumbed it up!

Jobs Brain says:

I? liked the video it? was awesome!

Paul Thompson says:

Did you?? edit that video yourself?It was awesome!

David Thomas says:

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James Brown says:

Thanks Bro??

bilber justin says:

Great video.? I also have questions

Hoa Nguyen says:

This video really helped me?

Tracy Tom says:

I would be? interested in? teaching you and working with you if you need a hand. Let me know.

lovemobile123 says:

Interesting Very Interesting. I will keep an eye on??

Gates Bill says:

Excellent video, good examples and everything well explained? -? thanks for uploading.

Brain Tracy says:

that? was great? keep it up

Azat Wall says:

Thanks? man

Phan Akia says:

Very helpful tips. Thanks? a lot

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