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So you want to lose weight but is your mind in the right place to do this effectively? I hope this helps you get into the right mindset to get your journey started in a healthy happy way!

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jessibell natalie says:

cause i wanna look at myself in the mirror and be like YES BITCH THAT'S YOU YOU DID IT

Melanie Cerpa says:

I wish to be healthy and more athletic and be able to feel comfortable in my clothes

JustJamiexo says:

thank you for this video! i am on a healthy life style journey i want to loose weight yet but my main motivation for weight loss is wanting to be healthy and happy

H eyItsD says:

how old r you

Lauren O'Brien says:

I totally get it Scola, I just turned 22 but in my mind I'm 18 ?

Shyann skelton says:

Video starts at 1:50

Lilia Ashleigh says:

Wanting to be confident and to look better/fit into the clothes I like.

Naturally A Queen says:

I'm doing yet another weight loss journey. I am doing this because I want to like what I see in the mirror, I want to believe my husband when he compliments me, I want to be healthy, sexy and happy. ??

Tyra Bandz says:

I want to lose weight because i'm ashamed of my weight. I used to be slim and play sports but now i eat unhealthy food and sit on the couch. I can't wear crop tops or shorts without feeling ugly. I want to be slim and happy like i used to be. Also i'm scared of dying. Ever since i became overweight. I get pain in my heart and it feels like my heart is about to stop. I really don't want to leave my mom because she needs me and i need her. I can't be selfish anymore and eat what i want. I have to change. i've gained almost 100 pounds in 4 years. It's insane

Faye Marie says:

To look my best for me no one else

Dawn van Cranebroek says:

my ''good'' reason is that I just want to be healthy. I got crohns disease and I feel like losing weight and eating cleaner will make me feel better about myself so I will feel a little less sick somedays… if that makes any sense

myungeun will rise says:

My reason is that I want to feel stronger

Eva Oma says:

I really want to loose weight to run faster and to look better in clothes I guess

Saz S says:

my reason is to continue the process I made throughout 2016 and get that great compliment feeling again! 🙂 plus just to feel good , however I need to remember happiness is not at the end, it HAS to start from now! :))) 😀 😛

Jada S. says:

I've always been pretty athletic, but because of my size I always sub-consciously pick oversized jerseys. I want to go on a health journey so I can feel comfortable and confident in my own skin instead of hiding behind the clothes I wear!

Kyra Halls says:

Omg are we the same age???

Jackie Urban says:

the barrier between me eating that piece of cake or not is the fact that having that piece of cake will, yes, make you happy but only until you finish that piece of cake. Being fit and healthy is something that will make you happy your whole life :))))

Joshua Kemper says:

Great video and congrats on the 50 pounds weight loss!! Liked!

Chloé Kirkland says:

I want to lose weight because I not only want to feel better physically but mentally aswell, as I do suffer from anxiety and the majority of my binges, is due down to my depression so I want to live a much better and cleaner life where I do not have to keep constantly thinking about what I am going to eat. ?

khristina cassanova says:

I want to be happy overall. When I was on track to losing weight I felt more energized and I wanted to genuinely work out. I became more of a morning person and didn't feel sluggish. Similar to when I did yoga I just felt like I was in a better place. I want to get back to that happy state of mind. I feel mental health and awareness is so important and losing weight can be a positive for it. Love your videos so much Scola see you tomorrow 😀

S Taylor says:

Hey Scola, I am looking for some curly wigs, and yours is really cute! Could you let us know where you got the one your wearing in this video from please?

Hazardous Harleigh says:

I'm going into the navy and want to get in shape before boot camp, because if I flunk out of boot camp then I won't get to travel, go to CalArts, and buy my mawmaw a home.

reneasha dana says:

what hair is this

Astrid Ansah says:

+Scola Dondo Could you make a video on the "don'ts" on weight loss? You mentioned you did some negative things during weight loss so it'd be helpful to know what to avoid!

Precious Crowell says:

I would LOVE it if you and LoseitlikeLauren could do a video together. Scola, you inspired me first, and then I watched Lauren's videos. I think y'all could come up with a very lively collab video. FINGERS CROSSED!

Precious Crowell says:

I have BEEN trying to lose weight. I weighed the most in high school at 220. But last year I passed that going to 240. My highest weight recorded was 250 after a binge. But I maintained around 240.
I am definitely lacking in the mindset. I want it, but I also want this cheeseburger, chips, chocolates, etc. I know I have full control over myself, but I'll let myself slide on things. I need to give myself tough love and get cracking. I don't want to wait until I'm 300lbs. I'm already 100+ lbs overweight. I don't want to add to that. But I can't seem to find that burning desire to commit to it. I know half of it is being lazy or irresponsible. But the other half is feeling like I won't succeed so why try. Sorry for going on and on. Just wanted to tell my experience of wanting to lose weight for the past 12 years and not doing it all the way thru. I'll lose some weight, and then slack and gain it again. I need to not congratulate myself with food.

California Dream says:

my good reasons are "I want to be more confident and feel less awkward around people" and "i want to feel like I'm slaying when I dress up"

Excellence Baby says:

I'm honestly doing this because I have no more clothes at my current weight! And for all the haters honey because if you want something to blab about you can can have my fat it's more than y'all can handle get it ahhh?????

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