The Weight Loss PARADOX | Ascension Ep. 10

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ComedyThatSucks says:

im a month in on intermittent fasting and ive dropped 190-178 no muscle loss or strength loss(or size)…seems like its staying at 3 lbs a week(eating 2.6k cals a day even)

Ryan G Gitau says:

Is all that natural? (your physique) It's an honest question. I am on my path to weight loss.

Simon Stewart says:

I can honestly say with all the honesty in my heart that this is THE BEST VIDEO ON FAT LOSS THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! Thank you, Igor

Han Lee's Fitness says:

So Is glycogen depletion necessary for fat loss? What if I wanted to up my carbs and lower fat a bit while relatively eating on a deficit, would that hinder my fat loss in any way?

Chris Serra says:

No lie. Igor makes learning fun. Haha

Jacky Shi says:

love these vids, keep it up!!!

Jonathan Rohrlick says:

can you post your music playlists

subscribelove says:

What about refeed days in your cut? Does that day affect of higher carbs affect your glycogen stores and ultimately the quality of cut? Im 3 weeks into my first serious cut and had a refeed today, I was planning one refeed fortnightly. Love this vid though, described exactly whats happened to me thus far.

James Ventura says:

Never heard information like this before

Victor Bennett says:

Hello, I love talking about weight loss'm fast with very positive results with my diet. I wanted to lose weight with a good weight loss program and needed to be fast. I needed to lose weight fast because of my marriage. I entered a unfailing weight loss program and lost weight 23 pounds and lost my belly. I found everything here >==>>

Rob Gravelle says:

I find that the real payoff isn't until I kick up the carbs again a bit at the end of the diet. That puffs up the muscles again.
I was curious, how much strength loss is acceptable during a cut?

Ky Hunting says:

I feel like this video was for me thank you for helping me understand what my body was going through. Started January 6 have lost 43 lbs. just by eating clean and running 7 miles 3 times a week. The deflated ballon you mentioned is spot on! Cutting cardio down now and doing more weights. The aesthetics change more each week un real results! Thanks agin for your helpful videos

Philipp Nagel says:

Damn amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

Goldman Gainz says:

Got a lot of fitness related tings on my channel, all vids pure quality, if you like – sub, much love ??

Bernar Lagen says:

I have had a wonderful experience with weight loss green store tea. I started a little over a month ago and have lost about 7 lbs! It may not seem like a lot, but in my case it is I have been trying different things over the years and this was the first thing that worked immediately.

Gon├žalo Figueiredo says:

Quick question and I hope you can reply: I'm one week into my cut and I'm already feeling the deflation happening, considering that I'm starting my cut at around 19% bodyfat and I intend to cut down to 10% how often do you think I should do refeeds? and are they really necessary at such a high bodyfat or unnecessary? should I just refeed once i go sub 15-14% ?

Colin Ng says:

just watched the video.. i 'Liked' it 3 days ago

Rudra says:

gtfo that scrap of skin is not called muscles , you hardly lift dude

Captqin Galaxy Mcawesomeville says:

Thanks bruh!! Needed this so bad

V Z says:

The bigger question is, Should i stay big or start cutting -> be smaller but still not lean -> lean after a long time. That middle phase is the problem

KI Jamy says:

you know that you shouldn't expose to sun 6 months after accutane, right ?

Moustafa Magdy says:

sometimes your videos are uselss as fuck and other times its just revelation
thnx for the revelation

Tim Doyle says:

How do you know when you should recalculate your macros?

baka no shonen says:

could this be the year of your greatest physique? looks like it!

Atsteacy says:

Hi Igor! I've been a subscriber since the first Natty debate video. I would love to know when you're releasing your training program. Would love to buy it.

menknurlan says:

@vitruvianPhysique This is i think exactely what im going through right now. Although in my case it wont get better after a few weeks.
Since the end of October i am in militairy training and as you can imagine sleep food and training is not the same as it used to be. So i lost a bit of weight and now i look frigging small but im not leaner at all. Im a little weaker at all the exercises and it just feels bad. But the problematic thing is that im not even dieting. Im eating as much as i can to maintain what i've got but it still doesnt cut it. So im not gonna get any better within a few weeks like when you're on a diet. Luckily i'll finish the training within 5 weeks so after that i'll have some more time to train, sleep and especially eat better. Hopefully i'll have enough time to look good again with the summer

Sergey Aleksashov says:

hey igor, nice explanation! one question: does being on a 600 cal deficit cut but still making gains and strength progress indicates that i can still lower my carbs a little bit more? thx to also anyone who answers..

Khirmell says:

Didnt get to watch youtube for a while but DAYUM 140k subs,you blew up man,your hard work is paying off,congrats!
Whats your take on weight loss as being sedentary/like really sedentary – 12h desk job per day with a push pull legs routine 6/7.Is cardio a must ? Like,can you still lose fat being sedentary as fuck except your workouts? also running a -500 calorie deficit. ( 2 years of weightlifting and 14-15% bodyfat)

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