TheDailyWoo – 1016 (4/13/15) Weight Loss Start Date

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Oldman Wells says:

Eat breakfast to get the metabolism going. No carbs after lunch. No dinner
after 6:00 or 7:00 PM and it needs to be protein. Get your 8 hours of sleep
and stay on the water. Walking is your friend. I’m starting this as well.
So good luck.?

seth long says:

Adam you have one of the most supportive fanbase on youtube keep up the
awesome work?

Abandoned UK says:

It’s not about the Bike;) Join you shall i…?

Babs Courtney says:

Adam, Let’s start a weight loss challenge with other of your followers and
post a weekly weight loss video and people can post their loss in the
comments weekly. Make this a fun way to lose weight.. I can afford to lose
a few more.. Let’s start today and do it for a month! What you say, You in??

LegendKiller1fan says:

If I were you Adam, I would start running on the beach or working out at
Muscle Beach. You will get in shape no problem.?

logan kerr says:

Keep up the good work adam! you can do it!?

chris fry says:

Great positive message Adam! i will try along with you. Going to weigh my
self tomorrow so I will be a day behind you but right behind ya. Thumbs up.

Can you show us any Universal Monster stuff out there in CA? I am in Erie,
PA and far away from there. Chris?

Kaylee Guth says:

Cutting back on junk will work but if you want to loose weight quicker I
recommend going vegetarian or at least partial- vegetarian only having 1 or
2 cheat days, ive been a vegetarian for over a year and lost over 20
pounds. Water diets work as quick to if you drink 8 cups (8 ounces each) a
day you’ll loose a pound a day at least. I tryed it and it works. Just some
recommendations but it’s up to what you and your body can tolerate, good
luck ! ?

MidwestRanger26 says:

I will join you, Adam. I needed to lose a few pounds anyway :P?

Christopher Michel says:

So happy for you Adam. I just started my weight loss journey 5 weeks ago.
I will be happy to watch your success…we are all behind you my friend!?

Shanahan harding says:

Adam: I am sorry, I am not capable of putting anything at all negative
about your weight or appearance.
You appear to be very active, I suspect with swapping foods to more
healthful foods. You will be able to attain your goal.
I have often read 1)Eat small meals or snacks throughout day.
2) Cut just 500 calories out a day. Though, if you swap foods. That might
just cut those calories out!
Shan harding?

Bryan Burns says:

Don’t get too skinny dude,you don’t wanna lose your Bear Icon ™ status
🙂 I feel ya,I fully embrace my big ass bear/fat slob status,but when
you’re 45 and your back hurts,your knees hurt,and you pray you don’t drop
anything on the floor cos it’s a pain in the ass to get down and get
it…you start to think: maybe I shouldn’t have that entire pizza by
myself. When I was living in CA I had a very active life,but now that I
live with and care for my elderly parents and I’m home all the time,burning
off calories just doesn’t exist. Amazing how you wake up and all of a
sudden you have to poke a new hole in your belt. Good luck dude!?

Melvin Jensen says:

Babs is 100% right. Stay away from fast food and ANY sugary drinks. I keep
small water bottles in all my vehicles. I only drink my favorite (Pepsi) on
holidays now. I was up over 235 now I’m down below 190. Give up fast food,
eat at home. No matter what you eat PORTION your food. For example, if you
buy a can of soup, look on label to see what a portion is and just eat one
portion NOT the whole can. Many times containers have 2-3 portions. If you
eat cereal, measure with a measuring cup 1 portion. This way you can eat
what you want you will just be eating a smaller portion, or the correct
size portion instead of filling up your cereal bowl to what your eyes think
is a portion. Good luck. Enjoying the videos. ?

cropsy2008 says:

Good luck with the weight loss Adam.?

Kevin Berry says:

I’m in.?

Mike Karschti says:

Best of luck to ya! 🙂 I need to shed some weight too. Check out the app
LoseIt. It’s great fro tracking your progress and calories. How did you
lose all the weight last time??

Babs Courtney says:

Right after Christmas this year I nearly had a stroke due to high blood
pressure and over weight, I got on the pressure meds and stopped drinking
cokes and dr. peppers and stopped a lot of the breads and pasta’s! I lost
about 14 lbs in about a month, I now drink water and tea only, stay away
from fast food and eat at home! This will cause you to lose weight and make
you feel 1000% better! It is all a state of mind if you lose weight or not!
It is called DRIVE! Good Luck Adam, We all are standing behind you on your

Jay Scott says:

I think you have a great attitude about your weight loss Adam. The more you
can change your “lifestyle” the better you’ll be able to keep it off. You
are right, “diets” tend to be short term solutions, so think of it as a
more healthful lifestyle. Also, remember to have some balance, so don’t cut
out all of your favorites – just reduce the amounts and get plenty of
healthy goodies to take the place of many of those high calorie choices.
Good luck!?

Ellen Jenkins says:

Ive actually started a 12 week vegan challenge today. So looks like you are
not alone on your journey?

Pebble Moon Productions says:

Beef jerky & Water it works good luck Adam?

bobbybudman0112 says:

You can always tell when a guy gets a girl friend, the first thing to go is
the excess weight. Good for you Adam!


Nelvis says:

15-20 minute walk every morning, cut out the fast food garbage. Within
three months you’ll be amazed. ?

LeanOutWithMe says:

Look up counting macros to lose weight. I recommend youtube channels
flexforall2, matty fusaro, team3dmj, biolayne and physiques of greatness
for weightloss info.?

lambchopxoxo says:

Youre definitely a welcome addition to Orange county. Welcome Adam! I also
wanted to wish you the best with your weight loss venture.?

toe knee says:

Just listen to Yoda Adam! “Do! Or do not. There is no try” It is
seriously how I quit smoking after 30 years.?

Ded Mo5 says:

Good luck Adam!?

JediBayley says:

Just keep trying you can do it!!!!!?

Kat Hannah says:

Eat heathy, don’t deprive yourself though. Maybe have a “cheat day” set up
once a week to enjoy a soda or something you enjoy. Once you start
depriving yourself, it may lead to cravings. Eat well and heathy and
balanced so you get some good vitamins in ya. I do during the week and then
Sunday afternoon, I have a treat. All in moderation. 30 minutes of exercise
for 5 days, could be as simple as taking a walk or your bike for a spin to
just hard core cardio depending if your stamina is up to it right now. Or
break it down to just 3 sessions of 10 minutes of exercises. ?

Michael Pereira says:

Just got back in the gym last week myself Adam. Not so much for weight loss
but getting back in shape. It only takes determination. (And not minding
the soreness, hahaha,) Once you commit to something and you are determined
to see it through, its just a matter of time. Good luck brother, I know you
can do it.?

Mike G says:

HI Adam , I have faith in you that you will be able to do it and lose the
amount of weight that you want to :-)?

Pebble Moon Productions says:


Stone Arius says:

Adam..i suggest you ride your Cwooser to that park you vlogged about. And
Jog around that park a few times. Another suggestion if you have to get a
few things from the store take a backpack or duffle bag so you can ride
your Cwooser there too 🙂 Good luck to you!

monica sheldrake says:

Adam ill weight loss with you too as I need to lose a few £ too love from
Monica in England xx?

David Treat says:

Good luck on your diet Adam, water is th best thing for ya, and try akaline

John Longo says:

Vegetarianism, Adam. Five minutes CARDIO every day. REAL Cardio, gasping
for breath cardio, 80% of maximum heart beat CARDIO! EVERY DAY!?

BasedShaman says:

Clenbuterol (clen) is the best illegal way to lose weight.
The do it yourself ECA stack is the best LEGAL way to lose weight. Ephedra
is hard to find in the US, but Bronkaid (back of walgreens) still has
ephedra in it. Then just 200mg of caffiene with 1 baby aspirin. Take this
stack 2-3 times a day for best results.?

Fiona P says:

Good on you Adam, I think you should make a goal of doing the Disney
marathon too, I do have a question though when the two months are over what
measures will you put in place so you don’t put the weight back on :O)?

Jennifer Hensley says:

I am going to try to loose some weight with you.. I put some extra weight
on after my 3rd child and havent been able to get it off. But I also have
some back issues probably due to this. So I would love to loose some with

Tyler Heard says:

That’s 1 thing i need to do, is start my water routine, start working out,
& get this chubbyness off of me. Lol Been neglecting to do so lately. >.> *le

Brett Clark says:

Good luck Adam. ?

rickysatx79 says:

Adam please keep us updated with what you eat also please. Give us your
fans motivation too lol..dont eat junk food…please stay away from fast
food and chips and dip.?

Ssupermom12000 says:

best of luck losing weight.?

Lindz Coelho says:

Food prep! This way when you are hungry you have meals/snacks ready to go!?

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