TOOLS I USED TO LOSE 130LBS | Weight Loss Tools & Tips

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Hey guys! Here is a list of basic tools I used to help me stay on track and motivated throughout my weight loss. I hope you guys find some use from this or get some ideas of your own!


Please understand that I cannot give you personalized advice.

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Basic Facts:
Height Weight: 304lbs
Current Weight: 174lbs
Height: 5’8″
Starting Size: 3XL/18-20
Current Size: S/M/8-10
Start Date: February 2016



joana bolivar says:

you are my inspiration ? dont stop posting!!?

Lucy Heartfilia says:

Your seem like such a nice person!and thanx for the tips!

alex chapman says:

wow 4 videos and 15000 subs? am i missing something lol.
i liked this video though ?

amber lee says:

wow she was a cow now shes so beautiful

Kenzie B says:

No wonder you have gorgeous teeth!! 😉 I love your videos! <3

Dulcie Crystal says:

Wow your amazing and very motivating. Would love to see some "what I eat in a day" videos.

Diab Waa says:

Weight Loss Green Store Tea product works like a charm. It actually lowered my blood pressure and lost 7 pounds over the last month. I will continue using it. Hopefully the weight loss increases in the second month and my blood pressure improvement sticks

Dollah Alasire says:

Guuuuuurl saaaaame thing here…I eat at night just cuz it's my movie time. I started drinking peppermint tea now and I don't mean to advertise this but Stash's tea bags just buuurst your mouth with the peppermint flavor and to me I force myself to drink water and I still don't complete my water intake…so drinking tea was a good substitution for me. Thank you for your motivating story and you're so sweet to share it with us. Stay healthy ???

Akuma Nightthorn says:

Hello! I love your channel so much, I was diagnosed with PCOS 1 year ago at 15 and the doctor explained that it was causing extra weight.
So now at 16 and 268 pounds, my goal is to get to 167 pounds by 18, but my biggest fear is loose skin. Is that something that happened to you? It just really scares me but I need to lose weight.

ptcruiser2009 says:

Can you make a video that goes more in depth into how you food journal? It would be super helpful!

valerie maldonado says:

I wish my mom could help me to motivate myself on losing weight.?

Ada Perez says:

Any protein ? Fat burner ?

Rhea Harvey says:

GREAT TIPS THANKS! Hey curious if there is anything you do to get your lashes so long? They look great!

Heba Daas says:

Am really thankful that u r sharing all that. You look great by the way. Can you please tell us if u faced any problems with loose skin and if so how did you handled it

Kids joyTV says:

eyelashes tutorial please 🙂

Desiree Gaddini says:

Thank you so much for sharing your tips!!!! 😉

Julie Bond says:

great information thanks so much good job on your weight loss

Autumn Good says:

healthy and in control. I love it. you're golden.

gum also works in accordance with the toothpaste reasons 🙂

daniela lopez says:

hey Jovana did you get loose skin after weight loss.How do you manage that?

Healthy Fit Tips says:

May be before some people on here's time, but you remind me of a white version of the rapper Nina Cherry.

Akanksha Panwar says:

u look like scarlett Johansson to me ….looks wayyy beautiful…. greetings from India 😉

Mr Bazzinga says:

weightloss is useless just eat enjoy and fuck rest of the stupid ppl. Have u guys seen ppl who are skinny and eat all they want its because they are desgined that way be god science whatever that power is if you are not meant to be skinny you wont be if you force yourself to be you will always fail its pointless just enjoy life while it last

kpopfan forever77 says:

I am just starting my weight loss journey. I m 23 and 5'1 and 300lbs. I was so shocked about that! also to make things worse I'm in a wheelchair! it gonna take forever! is there any recommendations you have to help make it as fast as possible?

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