Top Visalus Earner Kyle Pacetti Explains the Power of lever

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Listen to how we use the ‘Waiting Room’ to launch our businesses strong and FAST! 45 Days to Ambassador??? Follow this blueprint and just watch what happens!!!


Mark McCulloch says:

Very good video content

Keep up the good work

Be? Back Soon

Kevin Thomas says:

I love Visalus …Just want to thank all Vialus Promoter for the incredible job they are doing ….I ‘m blessed to have over 23 now working with me? thank thank you ….love heiping them build their business…free coaching 714-914-1844 txt me for free help…

Robert Beaudreault says:

As for me and my team…placement is based on the results of whatever contest we are running at the time. Whoever produces the most during the? contest receives the placement. Placement based on past performance or empty promises does not help anyone and detracts from our core values. In our organization, hard work is rewarded.

donsuave2012 says:

.do you detemine who are your top three heads{legs} are- or is this a competition?? …,a beauty contest???? a concurso?, a? merit society ? or a rivalry??? nepatism??..a heir-archy?.Is it a reward or a gift ? ….is it a conspiracy or a conjura? a complot?. Who decides who is placed where?

carmenacotto says:

Fantastic Video?

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