Understanding Unique Bid Auctions Like Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network & BidiFy Part 2

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=5185 This is part two on unique bid auctions. Over the last couple of years Unique Bid Auctions, aka Penny Auctions and Reverse Auc…


Dave Martin says:

Guys? I went through the pain…

I chased friends and family, begged people to get on three way calls,
and handed out business cards like a crazy man at Wal-Mart…

I put signs on my car and signs in my yard..

After hours of painful sacrifice my team members dropped out like flies..

I never earned a check for over a few hundred bucks..

Everything is online folks..

Unlock the “secret” to finally building a successful team and earning 100% commissions…


rachid lakhfif says:

weird concept? of business

TrEo2322 says:

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Michael Flores says:

Zeek Rewards can be a typical Multi-level? marketing company. It had been apparent to discover it had been subsequently prone to close. I’ve possess a video that shows people items to search for when looking for a company. Appreciate video. Continue the fantastic work.

RoyallyPaid says:

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Millionchaser says:

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Kathy Connor says:

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JohnH108 says:

No? they won’t be around. Shitty leaders it turned out.

JohnH108 says:

Yes very insightful However it turns out he cannot? spot a Ponzi scam or is a shill.
I hope you didn’t lose to much.

Ricky Corn says:


Rick Parker says:

Troy, your reporting on Zeek Rewards has been extremely insightful and I look forward to your reports on Zeek every day. I cant wait to hear what you find out next! My team in Orlando is growing so fast and I refer them all to you as they show their prospects the business model that is Zeek Rewards. God Bless you? and keep doing what you are doing, reporting the facts!

Ned Beasley says:

I love your T-shirts. Where do you get? them? Thanks for your insight and work.

HQQTER5 says:

vlpaul.zeekrewards.?com ? Click join if you like it.

Calvin nguyen says:

what work are you talking? about.? when are you plan go to the jail? SCAM SCAM.
wait until the goverment catch up with you.

hot2makemoney says:

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Alan Seidel says:

Thank you Troy? !! Great voice of reason!

Mark Mene says:

Big fan of yours Troy ! Now that you’ve met with Dawn and a lot of the higher ups with Zeek,? Do you feel Zeek could be around for another 5 years or more considering they have great leaders and are compliant so far ??? What’s the longevity outlook for Zeek ?? Go zeek ..Great Vid Troy ! -Mark

Gb Pano says:

good stuff bro?

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