Vemma Founder BK Boreyko Turns Down 2.2 Billion Coke Cola Deal… Fact or Fiction?

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Close It amazes me how rumors can get rolling and before long people are broadcasting it without verification. The above is fiction!…

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EBE246 says:

Knowing that BK’s interest is in the people, I don’t think he would sell
for money toa company that never gave a shit about its consumers, only
their money. So good on Bk if it was true. I’ll follow him all the way.

KyotoIsaki says:

BK Boreyko, Ownder and Found of Vemma, will NEVER sell the company for ANY
Money. It’s a company unlike any other the world has seen. It’s not about
the money, this guy already has it all. He wants people to able to make
money and live healthy. And that’s what Vemma provides. He would be selling
his dream to the devil if he did, so obviously, it will never happen.

Troy Dooly says:

VEMMA is NOT for sale! Study their history!!!

Bill Marler says:

So vemma reps should be concerned that Vemma is for sale? Regardless if the
coke deal is a rumor?

Troy Dooly says:

Terrence, as soon as I get the official response I will be doing a new
editorial… Hope this week 🙂

vivapinataisbomb says:

So it was or wasn’t a rumor?

Troy Dooly says:

Talked to their representative today and I am supposed to have in my hands
a response soon. I am pretty sure they are taking the time needed to make
sure they cover everything correctly.

Terrence Mowery says:

Thanks, I am trying to make a decision on their program.

Terrence Mowery says:

Well,anything on Lyoness? It have been another week.

Troy Dooly says:

I see your point. The pic was from someone who thought VEMMA was a scam. BK
responded… I have no interest is selling at any price. As the Verve brand
continues to get hotter, lots of rumors will pop up. Know this, I’m
building this business for my kids to run someday. I have enough to be more
than happy.

Matt Wells says:

*had to break up the link in order for YouTube to allow the comment.

Troy Dooly says:

I did state in the video above the based on the e-myth most founders do not
fall in love with their companies to such a degree that it skews their
judgement on when to sell or do whatever it takes to make sure the company
continues to grow. This might be in selling, going public or finding an
equity partner. And I did say I knew BK well enough to know his passion is
to leave a legacy. Again the whole context is for all of us to verify info
with corporate before spreading it.

Grady Polcyn says:

Troy, you are incorrect. BK is building this company for his children to
eventually run. He has said from day 1, he will not sell at any price. His
word is more powerful than more money. He has plenty.

Troy Dooly says:

I am not saying BK would sell at all. In jest I did say… His sisters
might not let him say no! 🙂 Again the video is not on BK selling or not
selling. It is on what to do and not to do with Rumors. If I were to make a
guess, I would say that someone who saw this has already started saying
“Troy Dooly just said BK would sell for the right price!” Which is how
rumors get started. Someone takes something they heard, and spread it out
of context.

Matt Wells says:

Well Troy, now I’m confused. I heard about the Coca-Cola offer from a
picture on BK’s own Instagram. Unless it’s not really him, he’s
perpetuating the “rumor.” See here instagram. com/p/dZiO9rAa8H/

Troy Dooly says:

Grady, 🙂 You need to slow down and listen to the video and what it is
about. Please keep my words in context of he full video. Refer to what I
wrote to you on FB. I can already see it “Troy Dooly Stated BK Will Sell
VEMMA At The Right Price!” Don’t take the words out of context.

Troy Dooly says:

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