Vidéo YouTube Hulk Hogan résume son Challenge 90 jours Visalus

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Close Après avoir débuté son Challenge 90 jours de Visalus, Hulk Hogan a eu de nombreux obstacles personnels pour l’empêcher…


Marcos reis de castro says:

look this arnold schuwazenegger, hulk hogan , training? forever, arnold you , now every bary call you fat arnold. ……

ryanenglish2009 says:


Majid Hussain says:

I was always an Ultimate Warrior fan so? I never liked Ho Kogan in WWF, but in WCW Hollywood Hulk Hogan was awesome. Well done on the transformation Hulk.

davie96667 says:

i never hated a guy so much in my life. fuck? you Hogan

palindrome06 says:


Gabe Hall says:

fucking badass?

MyLastAccountMan says:

Oh, shit !!!? Hogan never had abs when he was Younger…

hulkout666 says:

That’s awesome! I don’t think he’s ever had abs like that in his life and at almost 60 years old! Way? to go, Hulkster!

king troy says:


shawnwilson9335 says:

Hulk rules?

DanMarc Bardo says:

way to go? hulkster

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