Visalus BMW Program

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Want Real Help With Your Network Marketing Business? Click Link Below The Visalus BMW …

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Crushgroove28 says:

I can buy a BMW also and make it appear that I got it from Visalus to assist? in recruiting suckers.

Mark McCulloch says:

Fantastic Video

Very Enjoyed Watching it

Will? Be Back Soon

themikep100 says:

Mario, it’s not a pyramid scheme at all. The? program works, but you have to keep working it.

chriscookie97 says:

Sounds like a pyramid? scheme to me

themikep100 says:

I wasn’t saying not to join the company. Visalus is doing some pretty big things. I was saying there was more than one way to skin a cat. There are other companies out there that make just as much sense. Basically what I? was saying is make sure you do your research and don’t join a company based off of their car program. Contact me and I can go into more detail for you about the car program. Thanks!!

Kim King says:

Why you did not went further in your explanation of why not to? join? The video seem to be contradicting & not clear. Sorry. I like the BMW.

carmellac2000 says:

thank you for explaining that clearly,,,its exactly what i? thought.

bigman0019 says:

Hey I just watched? your video, and was very interested in Visalus because of the BMW program. Can you send me an email at about the company you are working for? I didn’t think about any of those things until you mentioned them. They are great things to think about. I have a friend who is a distributor with Visalus and so is her Pastor. Her Pastor was just approved for the BMW. I mean that is the only reason I would want to do it, and sure the pay would also be good.

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