Visalus Challenges The Machine–Marc Replies with the FURY! Pure Ownage

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vintrich49 says:

Hey Bro I just came from a Visalis home meeting. That’s how I came across your video. Iam not going to say anything about? the company. I didn’t join but there is another company called Isagenix that is similar to Visalis, . Id like you to critique there products as well.

Steve Medina says:

$49 for 30 servings? is expensive??? Yeah, ok. You can’t even get MuscleMilk for that price, which is shit.

Steve Medina says:

Watch? and see how far they go.

Steve Medina says:

Hardly brother. As for the supplement industry being transparent, ha ha ha dream on. Visalus isn’t any different than any other supplement company when it comes to making claims. The fact is Visalus is the #1 weight loss and fitness platform in N.A today accomplished in 3 years. Over 500% growth just this year alone. Show me another company doing that. So obviously many people don’t give two shits what Marc has to say about Visalus. BOOM!? No disrespect meant bro, just my rebuttal.

Steve Medina says:

You show me one product on the market that is perfect and that doesn’t contain soy, or artificial sweeteners or some other crap in it. I agree Visalus isn’t a magic shake, and that eating right and training is the best way to go but seriously most americans are to fuckin busy to plan, shop, and preprep their meals. For the record I am a bodybuilder? and I have and continue to use Vislaus in conjunction to my other supps. No science, real life results. Best shape of my life at 51. Dispute that!

ElemenohpeeHD says:

i dont know what youre? talking about or who youre talking to but it seems like you shut him the fuck down lmao

Jay Park says:

i? joined visalus. BIGGEST MISTAKE I ever made! I’m on team lobliner

gdixonregeneca says:

lol you? gangsta!

Josh Hall says:

Why you got to do? them like that Marc? lulz

Jimmy Hazelwood says:

hahahaha hell yeah,representing NC? well !!!!

TheJackal1887 says:

People are always looking for a easy way for fat loss and building muscle but real food and exercise is the only way? to go use supplements just help you get to you’re goals there not magic…

TheTigerFitness says:

Oh? I will!

TheJackal1887 says:

Keep trashing Visalis it’s a cheap product? just look at what you’re eating bottom line this company is a scam lol.

Rick Craddock says:

Great job,? Marc!

EJ Nichols says:

Man.. my mom went to a Visalis sales rep meeting once. All they talked about to the people interested was how if they? sold enough each month Visalis would give them a BMW. They said “What would your neighbors think if they saw a BMW in your driveway?” My mom asked about the nutrients in the food and why all the calories were so low and the guy never came back to ask her and more questions after that.

alphariusiam says:

That was? awesome!

daylin v says:

Haha? good shit Marc

Scott E says:


chargerrobl6583 says:

that was awesome, made them your bitch hahahaha?

Eddard Stark says:

Marc! Can I send you an Email with a question?? What do I send it to?!

therawlifefamily says:

In another comment there is a study using 7-35mg of aspartame per kg of body weight. That’s well within a normal consumption range if you include drinking diet soda and all the sweetened supplements one might take during the day such as protein, pre/post workout, aminos,? etc. My opinion on the conclusiveness of the studies is that they are “inconclusive” so as to still maintain their funding which is largely sourced from the mfgs of artificial sweeteners in one way or another.

Laranja BJJ says:

i checked it out all it says is “suggests possibly x y z”. its still not conclusive, and what i read on another article for that link u sent referred to some rat study where they were given? ridiculous doses. i avoid them at all costs too cause i think they are shit and get protein with stevia, but the science is not 100% on it yet. for example this one i found. nih(dot)gov/pmc/articles/PMC2892765/its still not conclusive, a lot of the studies are like that.

therawlifefamily says:

look up the study i listed. there are loads more. it is even added to cow feed to make them eat more. plus there are studies? showing that even on calorie restriction animals will gain weight when fed aspartame

Laranja BJJ says:

lol this vid is? awesome

Laranja BJJ says:

corn syrup messes up appetite? never heard of it from AS though

Dirk Diggler says:

You gotta love marc.? He knows his stuff.

therawlifefamily says:

Also the artificial sweeteners are proven to cause cancer it at least some doses and there is a natural alternative in stevia and while it still has problems due to appetite stimulation, as of yet I do not know of any studies demonstrating cancer from it. The 3 main chemical alternatives however is different. A 2008 study in the journal Drug and Chemical Toxicity used ranges from 7-35MG/KG. For my weight that’s an upper dose of about about 3grams a day which is easy to? consume in day.

therawlifefamily says:

I agree with your assessment of most of that response except for the artificial sweeteners. It’s really hilarious to me that they claim maltodextrin? as a high quality ingredient and that the protein in it is somehow a superior source.

As far as artificial sweeteners go, they stimulate the appetite and have the opposite effect on weight loss. Look up this study Physiology & Behavior, Available online 11 May 2012, “Altered processing of sweet taste in the brain of diet soda drinkers”

seann5555 says:

straight up fuck this guy hard on the kidneys i have one kidney and i can take any kind of protein and im fine lol guess its better on your kidneys when you? have one less lol

Dem Gains says:


Nick Puente says:

“FUCK!” Lol, great? video Marc.

Rockw61 says:

great work marc?

TheTigerFitness says:

Yup, all smoke, mirrors? and bullshit!

Evan Vicroy says:

haha you put that bitch in? her place.

bt2beastmode says:

OMG, thank you so? much, Marc.

Rockness724 says:

Fricken? Luh Dis! Lol. Great job Marc!

mushroomtip21 says:

marc lobliner is a? shitcunt visalus is a fucking sick cunt

Kyle Davis says:

i would have? liked for the doctor to be referenced

Kyle Davis says:

who the fuck is? visalus?

Lee McDonald says:

Marc should make it his full time occupation to out these bullshit claims by companies, it would be hilarious as? well as informative!

f0ngl1ksun says:

Awesome! Let’s see what that bullshit company has? to say about this video.

RobPatAcceleRes says:

look at da VASKoolarity. Wow I love this… I think it’s the owners like Marc, who cut out all the bullshit marketing to actually give consumers the good shit, who are going to turn the supplement industry into a more transparent industry.. keep up the good fight. I’m trying to? bring that good shit too man. inspiration!

benbleedsorange says:

Lmao you know they watched this and shit themselves…?

dmene5 says:


ap28dema says:

hahahaha this is great?

Fernando Larez says:

Straight owned!!? Hell yeah marc

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