ViSalus Founder Nick Sarnicola Asked For Report On ViSalus Suing Nine Former Vi Promoters

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Close At Nick Sarnicola’s request on Facebook, I am covering the nine lawsuits ViSalus has filed against their former Promoters and …


Troy Dooly says:
Troy Dooly says:

Dr. Kevin, can you provide documentation to review?

Troy Dooly says:

Jason, great question. I think there is plenty of room to use internet
marketing to build a network marketing business. However, when the
marketing system has a comp plan attached, then it can be seen as a
competing company. Espeially one that promotes 100% payout. 🙂

Troy Dooly says:

Jason, I would not call it criminal… yet! These are accusations and until
they are proven in court, or until a criminal charge is filed by a
prosecutor, we can’t call it criminal. Although I will say the Exhibits
seem pretty damaging.

Dr Kevin Campbell says:

Empower Network has turnover approaching total collapse. A handful of top
leaders have monopolized all the marketing channels and newbies in EN are
getting crushed. 100% commission is great, but timing is everything.

Jason C. Waite says:

This video got a super big ‘like’ from me Troy. Thank God we have people
like you making this issues public. Keeping the industry clean and
transparent is always best. Power to the people.

Jason C. Waite says:

I believe that what Visalus did was criminal. I DONT believe attacking reps
for internet marketing is professional. Anything else, personal opinion is
excuse. Very BAD BAD reputation. Let’s keep this industry clean. I hope the
industry follows this closely. What happened to the company was karma for
attacking. If they would have focused on love for the reps this could have
been a long term company.

Jason C. Waite says:

Hard Ball, why do you say this?

Jason C. Waite says:

Troy, I thought it was wrong when they started canning internet marketers.
What’s your take on internet marketing in the profession?

Troy Dooly says:

I don’t think they live in fear. I do think they have forgotten where they
came from, and what it was like when they were starving reps.

Troy Dooly says:

Hmmm… Well that is not correct at all. If you look at Wall Street you
find that some of the most successful investors have invested in direct
selling companies. Heck Warren Buffett owns three.

Ryan Conley says:

I think Nick and Vi live in fear. Power to the distributor!!

Troy Dooly says:

I understand where you are coming from. There is a fine line and when
followed correctly things go right. However, if the second income stream
(online system companies) become a threat companies will drop the hammer.

Scott McCollum says:

Me either!

Monte Bertrand says:

I can’t blame anyone in Empower for feeling that way after what happened to
LT and the Blacks

Scott McCollum says:

Lets face it Troy, The new model of how network marketing should be run is
over at empower network.Work with as many companies as you want. This
wrongful termination crap just because one is in more than one biz is nuts!
After having a very substantial residual income stolen from a company in
the past I will never work for a company not willing to get into the 21st
century which is most! Thats why IWentPro com

Eddie Sandoval says:
Troy Dooly says:

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