Visalus Scam | ViSalus Biggest Problem

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Close — Visalus Scam/ What you NEED to know about ViSalus Have you heard that Visalus is one of the biggest scams …

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Elaine Davis says:

After trying visuals and losing weight; my brother simply sat me down with the truth. There was nothing special about the product; it was my mindset. I could have done the same with vitamins, eating right and regular exercise …. as a change of life. And this has? workded for me for 3 years – maintaining by ideal weight, energized and happy without products.

jason hall says:

Learn the American language before you decide to do a Youtube post please.? And for your information, Visalus is a scam.

letitbe639 says:

You can lose weight using a lot of things… but it’s more about losing weight. You should want to be healthy. And I’m sorry to break it to you, but? the ingredients in the VIsalus products are synthetic (made in a lab) and many cause cancer and other diseases. Eating organic natural veggies and fruits is the way to go. Why lose weight and get cancer when you can lose weight and be all around healthy with the ALL NATURAL foods that the Earth already provides. This product is bullshit.

Vova Lehtarov says:

Hello! I’m? Jacob.I did -10 lbs in 30 days.Visit

Justin Palmer says:


Tony Sparks says:

fuck you ? justin and fuck Visalus

Tony Sparks says:

My science class in college conducted a test on this? ; to sum it up ; it’s basically what fazango said. Pure rubbish cheap vitamins

fazango says:

If ViSalus was a quality product, they would sell it in stores instead of through MLM. That’s the point of MLM, to trick people (vide infra).

Pampered Chef, Mona-Vie, ViSalus, etc. If any of? these companies opted for? a traditional business model, “product Darwinism” would efface them from the planet in months. Instead, they use this passive-aggressive MLM scheme to become popular.

Ryan Blair might as well have continued to be a gang member!

fazango says:

The only reason ViSalus has done so well is because it capitalizes on people’s need for money in today’s day and age as well as people’s obsession with a “magic diet”.

People need money, and marketing a nonsense-in-the-long-run-if-you-know-basic-human-biochemistry diet is a pretty easy way to make it, especially when the “product” is targeted to those who are likely insecure and desperate to lose weight. Then they realize they can get? their product for “free” and the vicious cycle continues.

fazango says:

Don’t say “it’s free if you market it to 3 people!”. It’s not “free”, you’re simply being compensated by a fraction of what you have brought? in for the company (3 people paying $100 for shakes, and you get $100 in shakes). So yeah, don’t say that it’s “free if you market it to 3 people”, say “you will receive shakes in return for your indirect employment with the company”.

fazango says:

I wouldn’t call it a pyramid scheme, because in a pyramid scheme the revenues aren’t really there and are laundered. However, ViSalus is definitely nonsense. A low fat, low carb meal replacement shake filled with whey protein and cheap isolated vitamins sold for exuberant prices of $100/month? Ridiculous. Where do you get your energy off a low-fat and low-carb shake? A healthy diet is high fat, high protein, lots of vegetables? and virtually no carbs.

Justin Palmer says:

shut the? fuck up

Ted Burkholder says:

Hmmm…care to elaborate??

Ted Burkholder says:

What makes you say this. I happen to know for a fact that it isn’t, but I want to know why YOU think it is. What is your experience with? the company?

dwight m says:

Visalus? is a pyramid scheme….DUH!

Pebbles97236 says:


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