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This was the number 1 question i was asked since starting my 90 day challenge on visalus so hope this helps you all to decided if it’s for you too. Sorry the…


crazydeka says:

Visalus has no nutrition…. you didn’t read the back of both and you can clearly see that Visalus has the same nutrition as a slim fast. Visalus? is made of chemicals, Shakeology is natural, no GMO, made with the best ingredients like chia seeds, maca root, quinoa, and all kinds of exotic ingredients. The ingredients alone would cost way more than that bag. If you are looking to be malnourished go ahead and buy Visalus.

Johana boop says:

I love choc Shakeology Im not with beachbody I get mines thru Ebay and I have to say that you are so wrong saying that is like mud or dirt maybe? u just don’t know how to mix it or just trying to get ppl to hate Shakeology to get them to go with Visalus . Maybe you should let ppl try for them self and not get lied on by u !!!!!

Lisa Carbonara says:

To my comment below, shakeology isnt only? a protein drink…yes it has alot of protein in it AND so much more being whole food nuttition. 🙂

Lisa Carbonara says:

they arent even the same type of products, Shakeology isnt a protein drink, it is an all natural, cold pressed, nutrient? dense superfood meal replacement
im not bashing your product, but since you are comparing the two , its only fair.

Pacho Melecio says:

jajaja this is to funny know? Shakeology is to health lol

Pacho Melecio says:

you are such a liar shakeology is not 190 cal.? is not a to time a day shake… and there is no way your face is justifiable… when i put 5 cubes of ice is like chocolate puding if 6 icecream if only water it’s smooth not grainy and with peanut butter or pb2 is the F-fin bomb…not even going to go in to nutrition —-> probably vi-salus tastes good i bet it does ( but you are just a manipulative lair and that stands alone)

jacs219289 says:

***Comp plan does NOT come even close to Vi’s comp plan. check it out then hit me up at when you are ready to get paid what you are worth?

jacs219289 says:

Vi-shape shake tastes great with water in a shaker cup….I’ve had shakeology, even considered being a coach but although it is a great product with great ingredients it is too expensive and to be a coach is too expensive. The Compensation plan does come close to Vi, the taste? of the shakes is no where near as good, the videos can be burned or purchased any where for cheaper. The $499 is one time that counts towards your volume, bonuses galore 8different ways to get paid + free Product

jacs219289 says:

In one whole bag of shake mix there is less than one packet of makes our shakes diabetic friendly. Stevia while great for some people, has been known to cause diahrrea and the long term affects of stevia are still unknown. I have been an Herbalife Coach but no one could afford that, considered Beach body but I would never buy dvds directly myself, burned my copy of p90x from a friend and the shakes do not taste as good as vi-shape and are too expensive? for most. <3 Vi

Mark McCulloch says:

Very good video content

Keep up? the good work

Be Back Soon

Dennis Woodworth says:

Sucralose has chlorine compounds in it! Right……Do your research!?

Dennis Woodworth says:

I agree!?

EmanuelPantoja TeenFitness says:

Visalus has splenda, thats a chemical, shakeology has stevia, its? natural sugar but it is a nocalorie sugar

EmanuelPantoja TeenFitness says:

You are talking shit right there, you just want to make viSHITailus better so? you can earn sonething, idk but shakeology is way better than whatever you are drinking

5183908516 says:

I was hoping to get? a breaking down of nutritional value. Also ou said visalus was 49.00 but then went on to say it was 99.00. Anyway the few differences you mentioned (feeling lighter, cost) were appreciated.
I was thinking of getting into sales but realize it takes more than what I thought.

Tim Dixon says:

haha this video is so incorrect… what a joke. I would rather drink? what you refer to as “muddy water” and get high quality vitamins and nutrients that is in Shakeology than drink man made chemicals (Vi) it’s not about losing a few vanity pounds it’s about TRUE HEALTH!

melissa4helms says:

So I was wondering…. who takes their time out to insult someone when they don’t really know anything about either one. So I went to your? channel and all down your feed and you criticize every video you clicked on. I hope you and find humbleness in 2013! The world needs better people so be a part of the world making a difference. Wish you many blessings!

Anil Ramroop says:

lol that is B.S. I tried Vi Salus? and Shakeology. I does not taste chalky.. Let me guess you are a sales person for Vi Salus and also did you go and taste the dirt from the back????

Shawn Anderson says:

I’d rather have Shakology with frozen strawberries and peanut butter (in a blender) that a Dairy Queen. It’s that good. Vi just doesn’t compare to the nutritional value of? Shakeology, plus Vi is full of fillers. It’s crap.

Kevin Fry says:


MakeAHealthyLiving says:

But it is $500 to be a distributor of Visalus. That was one of the details you left out. That’s called a pyramid scheme. Distributors? make the most money on people joining. And shakeology is good, when you make it right, number one using a BLENDER not a spoon. When you’re ready to come back to Beachbody, I’ll help you build a profitable business with much better products. healthysuccessplan*org

02blackbirdws6 says:

the reason visalus is cheaper is because it has less vitamins and? nutritional ingredients in general, get the info straight from the websites, visalus doesn’t compare to the nutritional content of shakeology

Gbodyart says:

hmmm, sounds like a pure sales plug? to me…..

Melissa Sjogren says:

Chocolate shakeology tastes? like buyers ice cream! Your full of beans!

melissa4helms says:

Sucralose meets the highest scientific standards and have clearly proven it not a carcinogenic like aspartame. So you need to do more research because i know about aspartame and what it does i? wouldn’t use it or recommend it to anyone if it was harmful

melissa4helms says:

You obviously didn’t do your research if you think it has aspartame. it doesn’t it has sucralose . Sucralose has an excellent saftey profile,more than 100 scientific studies conducted over a 20 year period demonstrate that sucralose is safe for use as a sweetening ingredient. The data from the studies were independently evaluated by? international experts in a variety of scientific disciplines, including toxicology, oncology, teratology, neurology, hematology,pediatric, and nutrition.

eltio452 says:

I did my research!! Why does visalus have “splenda”? in it??? Splenda has a chemical named aspartame that’s in rat poison… No wonder it’s cheap!!!

melissa4helms says:

I’m sorry you? have your info wrong it’s not 500$ it’s $50 for 30 days or $100 for 60 days and shakeology is not cheaper it’s over a $100 I understand if you perfer shakeology over visalus but you need to do better research first. I was just comparing the two no need for you to be so rude. You can see the proof at if you want to see for yourself.

eltio452 says:

$500 dollars for Visalus shitty shakes that give you more cravings? than less… Might as well not spend 500 and be the average moron who eats crap all day long…
Shakeology far superior and cheaper!!!!

Hina Syed says:

that reminds me of the melaleuca milk? shakes, real gross….but yeah vi-shakes rocks!

elizabeth clayton says:

you’re not supposed to drink two shakeology shakes a day.

bbcita26 says:

cool I just send you my? address…. thanx …

melissa4helms says:

yeah sure i will email me your address to with your youtube username so i will know who you are and i? will send it out to you this week.

bbcita26 says:

can you send me a sample of visalus ??? I also? don’t like the taste of shakeology ….

CherrySherry18 says:

and the calories are teh way they are in Shakeology because its a meal replacement, not a tummy filler… Shakeology doesnt really make you feel bloated, given it effects people differently, but? it helps regulate your “bathroom” doings.

CherrySherry18 says:

I have to say….. that there are different recipies you can take for Shakeology.. and if? your a coach, its a lot less that the $119 its only $89 and military members get it cheaper.

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

You can’t overdose on nutrients and most people who eat three times a day still won’t get the nutrients they need for the whole day. Shakeology gives you everything you need in one shake…and because it is? natural and not chemical induced, you won’t be overdosing on any unhealthy junk.

melissa4helms says:

i sent? you a message just send me your address and i will send you a sample to try you will love it!!

tlamorgan8577 says:

@ Melissa4helms, I wanted to know where could I get a sample of Visalus; if I was interested but wanted to sample the? product before getting something I may or may not enjoy? Could you please e-mail me this information to my e-mail @ I’ve recently subscribed you so I’ve been reviewing your videos and I personally want to know about Visalus. Again, I thank you for all the information provided and look for to your response!

Charity endres says:

I was a Beach body coach for over a Year and have made the Switch to Visalus! I love? the Company and the Shakes Thank you for The Video

melissa4helms says:

8 oz skim? milk 4 cubes of ice and one sample pack.

CoachTerp says:

How did mix your Shakeology to get a “grainy taste?” I mix 1 x protein powder, 1 x shakeology, 1 scoop? of peanut butter, and 15 ice cubes and it makes my favorite treat of the day. You just mixing it with water in a shaker cup, perhaps?

melissa4helms says:

the thing i was wondering is shakeology is 100% but you would be overdoing your daily nutrients if you added any other meals to your day why would you want an overdose of nutrients. visalus has 30% for a reason to break it up 2 times a day is 60% so the other 40% of your daily needs comes? from your regular meals.

dsnfldgfds says:

Look at the nutrition in Shakeology vs Visalus,? shakeology is way healthier for you. This is not meant to be a sipping tea, just drink it up fast and the taste doesnt matter. It DOES NOT taste like muddy water lol its not bad at all considering the benefits of it, but it is expensive

melissa4helms says:

hey i will make the comparison of nutrients tonight for you all if it? would help i need feedback on my videos on what info i missed so don’t be afraid to ask anything. woow gotta little cat fight going on ahahahha i love you all your so amazing

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

Ok so you are saying I can’t be interested in two different things just because I am with Team Beachbody…maybe I was thinking about switching.. that is why I asked her for a comparison. Your comment doesn’t make sense as there are many errors in? it. Have a nice day Brunewicz.

Brunewicz says:

thanks for the correction bony

you? made me feel really edjumakated

Brunewicz says:

well if your a team beachbody coach why are you asking about vi shakes.

and replying to? someone elses respons to a product diffrently then you do there is nothign wrong with it not everone has to like one someone else likes we all have dif taste budds…..

but think what you want and everythign she said about SHAKEOLOGY wasnt not a lie!

thanks havea nice day sofia

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

I was one of her subbies who asked for a comparison on the product, I was looking for a? comparison in nutrients and happened to notice she had said some things that weren’t true about Shakeology. I am a Team Beachbody Coach at the Emerald Level. I was speaking from experience not acting like a child.

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