Wake Up Now Crap Still Happening Now The Company Can Get Sued As Well As WUN IBOs

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=9362 Well the crap hasn’t stopped and now Wake Up Now may be held liable for the questionable actions of a few WUN IBOs. We either …

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Cory Winston says:

Hmm very informative video. Thanks Troy!?

Happy Cat says:

thank you very much for this video. I have learn a lot about wun in this

Mike Lukan says:

First time seeing one of your videos Troy, loved it, I believe there is
room for everyone, but WUN is going about it in a very wrong way. I am a
member of another company that I love and have had lot’s of cross
recruiting attempts that i’ve stomped out. Thanks for your knowledge.?

TheFreedomDK says:

Awesome video man, I salute this?

Rachel F says:

I really enjoyed both of your post about WUN. I am in Vemma and I
constantly have WUN people trying to recruit me that are putting slander to
the company. I have nothing against WUN and I am very against the tactic of
recruiting people from other Network Marketing companies unless they come
to me with the desire to switch companies. It’s just bad posture on certain
distributors parts and I think if they focused more on self development and
team building instead of throwing money around and bashing Vemma then so
many people would not constantly talk negatively about the company and we
could all work together to change the world!?

LyDell Byrd says:

When Your Right Your Right. But Your Video Applies to All Companies I See
Every Company With Distributors Who Are Unethical, WakeUpNow Just Happens
to Be Hated The Most For It. Anyone Reading This Should Not Let This Drive
You Away From a Great Opportunity. Just Build a Ethical Team. These Actions
Don’t Make The Company Bad Is my Point…Its The Distributors Who Need To
Be Sought Out and Terminated!?

Angel Camarena says:

Thank you for your video, very educational and many more need to be
professional about their marketing business. I don’t bring down any
companies I only promote mine ?

c Jay says:

I just joined an Ibo , thanks for the knowledge I hope others listen and
become pros at mlm ?

vintowers says:

thank you troy ?

No More Scams says:

Scam Scam Scam!?

David Simone says:

Good Video, Troy. I am investigating this opportunity. I hear the words
coming out of my mouth. I sound crazy to myself. I hate MLM!!! But an
amazing friend of mine is in and he’s a guy I take seriously, so I’m
looking. In the end, you are correct, any MLM co Principle can pull any
distributorship they want at any time. Build a Million $$ a month biz. Who
cares? GONE, overnight! I’ve seen it happen too many times. Money makes
“good people” crazy in the MLM industry. That said, is it worth a crack to
get into WUN? (oh, shit, my behavior may be a violation of WUN policy, even
though I haven’t joined, they could look on the interweb and see I just
said “shit” and that doesn’t help me remain congruent with the Morals
clause in the Rep Agreement. LOL! Troy, isn’t the only logical choice that
if we want to be in MLM, and we are the only trustworthy person we know,
shouldn’t we just start, build, and own 100% of the MLM company, and NEVER
work as a distributor at any time? That’s my feeling. Do you own an MLM?
You should! You’re awesome, and I can tell you come from complete heart and

Justine King says:

People in a variety of opportunities do this, they harass with aggressive
tactics and try to take leads away. I agree that it’s obnoxious and highly
unethical and I would never do that. I’m in wake up now but I hold myself
to a much higher standard than that and the people on my team do too. ?

Pamela Walker says:

Hi Troy! I’m in Wake Up Now and love the business but I’m truly sorry that
this is happening cause I see it too all the time. Hopefully they get this
situation straight soon. Great video hopefully this reach our CEO and than
it will Wake him up about what’s going on. I also seen this happening in
other business too they really need to grow up and act like a business
owner. Thanks:)?

Shannon Ambler says:

White people stay talking bout compliance, while they abused the use of
slavery, take the land from indian, and steal in corporate america every
day. Sit down and deal with the sh!t yall created. Now you have people
just like you doing the same ish. Eat your peas!!!! Stop kicking and
screaming on the floor like someone took your sucker.?

Corey E says:

Thanks Troy for making this video! I see this crap all the time wake up now
reps bashing me because I won’t join them because I tell them I’m fine with
the two businesses I’m in! I get spammed all day on my Instagram and
twitter form WUN reps it’s annoying! ?

Michele Sakyi says:

Well sorry that u cant use the word nigger like u really want, but blacks
are people that is motivated by results, and showing $$$ gets these guys
results for people to sign up. So, if the company has a problem with them
making WUN a 600% profit then it would seem for WUN to revise their P&P?

Kellen Schwan says:

Thank you for sharing this I have been getting e-mails from these reps
attempting to acquire me under them and I have found a real advertising
company that will be offering me a real salary. I would stay away from
these guys.?

Andrew Streat says:

I am a Wake Up Now rep and I am tick off at some of the promotion stuff
that other Wake Up Now reps are using. The problem is we have a young group
of people who are promoting our product line but they are not taking the
time to learn and study the Industry or Policies or Procedures of the
company. I want to apologizes to you and the public and let everyone know
that there are many people like me who use ethnical methods and will
continue to do this.?

Shawn Johnson says:

Interesting video! good info. I myself work for 5Linx and love it. Just had
my own run in with WUN recently where they were blasting it all over my
page so I kindly replied no thanks im happy with the company I am with now
but wished them the best of luck, here’s the reply I got, “nobody asked you
for your opinion Shawn Johnson yo you got one more time to post some
ignorant comment on my status again bro real talk. you do u over there with
5linx where most people are strugging and imma do me where most are winning
and we gonna keep it like that. either way i will see you at the top or
from the top. #CHILLBRO!!!” all I can say is…wow….?

jake roberts says:

Wake up now is a 100% legal company! So spend what ever you want, waste
your money.?

941INC says:

if I want to sign up to a MLM company but I want to sign up directly from
the company not under someone else and the people I recruit instead of
signing them under me I tell them to go and sign up directly to the company
will I still be making money???

Melvin Matos says:


This video was made to address a problem that apparently exist with Wake Up
Now Reps but I believe the information in this video applies to all of us
in Network Marketing. There are reps from other companies that are also
guilty of this. ?

james robinson says:

So ultimately is this a scam or is this worth my time??

LOLcheeseORZ says:

We gotta be more professional?

Met Rivers says:

Very much needed video sir! I’m not involved with WUN,
but this is true for every independent representative and
company. Thank you?

Jeffery Acosta says:

this is good cause people do need to be professional like if its your own
business ?

Eusebio Avila says:

I used to work for cutco and everything u r saying was also said to me….
Holy shit man u know your stuff?

Yourmom69 says:

+Troy Dooly are you an attorney? You know your stuff man

Selene Moon says:

Love it!! Awesome speech. Said nothing but the truth! I’m sharing this
video!! ?

Troy Dooly says:

Yep, I sure do! Anytime someone is belittled, bullied, slandered, etc.,
then it is all the same. What I don’t believe is that all people who have
or do use the “N word” are racists! Just like I don’t believe all people
who use “MF” are as stupid as they sound.

thanks4tuningin says:

you think mf is as bad as the N word?

Tyrone Sturghill says:

Hey! Troy I like your reviews on Direct Sales / MLM companies. Is their
anything out there that has impress you?

Troy Dooly says:

Justin, if you visit the Wake Up Now website or Google Wake Up Now Income
Disclosure Statement you will get the answer you are looking for. The short
answer is yes. But the IDS will explain in more detail. TO earn any money
in WUN it will take work.

NoMoreEver925 says:

Back to your REGULARly scheduled life. k…thks…bye.

Lester Diaz says:

That’s cool man, congrats…

The ny Otcn says:

I actually want to thank you for this video I haven’t joined the company
but after hearing and watching this video Im definitely going to join you
have just taught me 25% of what i need to be protected and become wealthy
but one thing next time could you tone down on some of the anger or tone of
anger its kinda scary but i would to hire you to teach my team as you just
did here on the proper way to promote in marketing very well done Thank you
for taking the time.

NoMoreEver925 says:

Still acting how i want to & still getting paid. HAHAAAA! Sued. thats cute.

SpacedoutHD says:

not a scam, you get paid.

Justinn Martinez says:

i came across your video after watching many wake up now scam and i was
wondering if you actually know if any recruiters actually get over 600$ in
paychecks? i was introduced to this company and did some homework and came
across this video and stuck with your word that is a scam

Troy Dooly says:

@Miss Jessica, I missed this when you wrote it. Short answer is no. This is
bust a small part of our consulting and publishing business.

Tyrell says:

You bash MCA in one of your video. and plan out lie about the company to
get people to join you in EN… SMH… practice what you preach.

stonah lav says:

Nice shirt

Troy Dooly says:

Now on the topic of FTC shutting them down. You might want to really study
the laws on the books to better understand how WUN is built and how they
fall well inside the regulations. Now I will say that some independent
professionals might market it wrong and way outside of compliance and that
can cause you to feel it is a scam.

Troy Dooly says:

You do bring up a great point. There are always cheaper products and
services for those who focus on price as a main point when buying products.
Some folks buy new cars, some buy used. Some want a Timex, while others buy

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