We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, See Our Verdict

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We’ve decided to conduct our very own experiment; one of our editors has tested firsthand the Internet’s most common body-slimming techniques. Get ready for an eye-opener!

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Ashwera Hasann says:

For Indians: Eat dal and vegetables including potatoes and everything else but AVOID rice and chapatis with them….? Bcoz only Indians have such food habits.. I guess

NK SK says:

Just work out…

AngelPie101 says:

only 1% will read this but i hope you have a great day for life

Zavier Legendre says:

I'm watching this to know what NOT to do. My metabolism is so high, that more calories means healthier. Also, learning.

Wonderful world Of Ashley says:

I luv dark chocalate

Machine Gun Haylift says:

Just ask Eugenia Cooney how she does it?

Maithilee Pavashe says:

Whoever is reading this.. wish you a very happy new year. May 2018 be full of joy, success and good health for you and your loved ones..

veg4life says:

BRIGHT SIDE# who's the red haired beauty? is she a narrator? , oh btw its also very scary that nowadays , instead of people asking their doctor or nutritionist for food or health advice , in 2017 majority of people would rather get their facts from a video like this , , or a youtube top ten list or a facebook post, then start following it and acting on it, without doing their own research , for example a youtube video for a cheeseburger diet, regardless how unhealthy it is , some people actually believe it and turn to social media for advice and life lessons lol

Ebeger Dumay says:

Its not hard go to the gym

mary yasis says:


Every one

Just saying a happy early new year to all ???

Nancy Gail Teves says:

#14 works for me.

AZ 101 says:

ya drinking bleach works too

Savage Tea says:

It's my birthday today ?

Savage Tea says:

To day it's my birthday ? but, my mom give all my ??? away to other people and I didn't get nothing ??? thanks mom and now I have to stay at my mom work and I'm sick ? and I'm on my period. Yay ????

[ I didn't did nothing to my mom ] just think it's [ bad luck]……..

Mari Jayme says:

Thank you bright side!

King Bobington says:

7:23 There is a typo… No space between there's and more

Becca Borowske says:

The issue with videos like this is it's assuming all weight problems are caused by over eating. That's not always the case.

Konata Izumi says:

My tips~
•Exercise 1 hour a day
•Eat as healthy as you can
•Have some fries every once and a while. It's ok.

FireSight says:

I’m a simple man, i saw the thumbnail i clicked

And disliked

pravin murthy says:

Wondering what all tricks ppl use to lose weight! ?

BeThik BaZz says:

Nice…Sab me… I will back you….

Pufferina 16 says:

I don’t even have dessert, but I still am 114 pounds. I’m not gonna tell you my age, but for my age, that’s overweight.

Nil Jee says:

Chill dude….we are lucky to be healthy?

Star Cricket says:


adum person says:

u yoursleves have said that drinking only water helps tf wrong with u

Oceania S. Reece says:

I need to gain it not loss it

Firewolf says:

8:38 "kacow"

Detective Toothpick SSO says:

I do 20 sit ups, and 20 lunges after every meal. You can use different excersizes to tone different parts of your body. I recommend something working the core though.

Queen Jasmine says:

Tip #9 my mom told me about it

Vasudha Shekhawat says:

You really brought us the topic we actually struggled

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