Weekly MLM News Report: Herbalife Answers Critics And Other Top Network Marketing News

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http://mlmhelpdesk.com/?p=7295 Although Herbalife is in the MLM News this week, other great Network Marketing Companies are rocking in 2013. And the DSA come…

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Ultimate Power Brasil says:

KKKK… agora você? é muito cauteloso né!! seu falso!! seu embuste!

Rey Resendes says:

You? talk out you ass.

Rey Resendes says:

troy your full of shit going to a video explain why? your full of shit

Dale Myers says:

I really liked Vidacup until the coffee was $40 a box…wow! I would reduce? my earnings by offering a coupon but that never cleared….I think its a great product but just very expensive

michael esposito says:

Troy how about your? feeling about the app company Shopping Sherlock

Troy Dooly says:


With regulators at all levels still looking at penny auction companies, I am very cautious at suggesting any of them. In the case of BTG, Gary has had issues with regulators in the past, and just came out of a nasty situation with WOW Mobile. As long as he walks a tight rope and doesn;t get to creative they should be fine.

But mixing MLM and? Giving has a history of biting folks in the butt.

Larry Housman says:

How do? you feel about “Bids That Give” ?

gdixonregeneca says:

so true set the? standards!

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