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Hello, Welcome to my Weight Loss / Fitness Journey!!!

Here is my weigh-in from last Friday. I know I said I would have it uploaded on Friday but I totally got my days confused thinking it was Aug 31. Friday was my 5th Wedding Anniversary! So I did’t filmed and I worked 32 hours Sat and Sun. Last week, I had another amazing week! Only thing I need to fix is to drink MORE WATER!! I’m SLACKING! lol Also I tried new supplements a pre-workout and BCAAs from Fitonomy. So far I’m enjoying them. Hope you all enjoyed this video! Have an AMAZING WEEK!!

W E I G H T L O S S S T A T S:

?Starting Weight: 228.4lbs (July 13, 2016)
?Current Weight: 206.2lbs
?Goal Weight: 130lbs
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?I N S T A G R A M: cindys_vida
?S N A P C H A T: cindysvida
P R O D U C T S:

?Scale I’m currently using: http://vpwow.com/cindysvida
?Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor: https://amzn.com/B005M1P85O
F I L M I N G S E T U P:

Backdrop: Etsy.com from seller FullSpectrumFabrics
Camera: Canon Rebel T6i
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X


B U S I N E S S:

? For business inquiries ONLY, such as company sponsors or reviews, please feel free to email me at: cindysvida87@yahoo.com

Thank you for watching!


Tasnim Pragga says:

Hey,u have any c section

carbie2barbie says:

Diet pills are dangerous they can cause permanent high blood pressure and liver damage but u don’t care right? You have an eating disorder! Just stop eating carbs and sugar and you’ll lose weight naturally!!!!!!

RoseyPosey11 says:

Im starting today, you are so motivating. My start weight is the same as yours when you started a year ago.

Monique Anaee says:

Yesss!! Keep it up love. Just have to keep going <3 <3

Julia RW says:

I was 182 lbs at the end of my freshman year of college and I tried really hard to lose weight with programs… I did weight watchers for a whole summer and got down to 160 and then gained back about ten lbs when I went back to school and now finally I am down to 150 without any program. it is way more simple than you’re making it out to be — the key is …wait for it… eat less! that’s all i’ve done. it’s hard at first but then your body gets used to it. I don’t track anything that’s too much work and I don’t care to, I just put half the amount of food on my plate than I used to. also switching to diet drinks made a big difference for me. I can’t give up soda or snapple I love it too much so I just switched to diet. it takes about a week to get used to and now I can’t even drink the regular stuff it tastes way too sweet. don’t force yourself into doing too much that’s why you don’t stick to it. start small and I promise you will see results.

RobMob's Vlogs says:

Just came across your first Vlog from a year ago so i decided to check out you newest post and noticed like me your are are also part of the BeMore family. Congrats on your journey.
I’ve been trying to do the YouTube thing and just hit 50 VLogs without telling anyone and just made it know on my IG. It’s still a work in progress but I’m learning how to be more comfortable talking in front of the camera and in trying to share my journey.
Here is my 50th Vlog let me know what you think of my journey .

Princess A says:

With soda you can take it slow.. what I did is take one big sip a day out of someone's can and just drank water for the rest of the day & eventually I just stopped drinking it and got used to the water & didn't need the sip! .. you can do it!!! I believe in you girl!???

Blacky13 Herdez says:

How is it going? It's been a while since u uploaded hope everything is fine and dandy!

Paloma Mendez says:

Where are you??? You were doing sooo good!! Hope you your ok

Lili Márquez says:

Update us! I’m rooting for you ?

Keto Chaos says:

Have you considered going keto? I have lost 110lbs this year doing a lower fat keto and it's working!

Sarah Aadel says:

Hi cindy
I like your blank pants.. gives you nice legs
Well i have a question for you.. do you commit to your diet all the time ? Dont you get weak every now and then ?
Iam asking because i do all the time and feel guilty and i want to feel less guilty to know that i am not the only one ??

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