Weight Cut – Can I Lose 10% Of My Body Weight Overnight? | Extreme MMA

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Examining weight cutting, a dangerous practice of extreme weight loss prior to a fight weigh in, that has claimed the lives of Mixed Martial Arts fighters even before they stepped into the cage.

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F% liars says:

Before the weight cutting 1:51
After the weight cutting 25:11
Impressive transformation!!!

eon001 says:

One thing I hate about weight cuts is it goes against the whole ethics of martial arts. It's a wrestlers philosophy that thinks that you can make weight and fight guys lighter than you to give you an advantage. That's like picking on a smaller person than you.
But then the even stupider thing is, EVERY fighter is cutting from the same weight so the lose any advantage they thought they had.

pingu130 says:

Important documentary. Good job.

jack beeken-syme says:

why dont they lose the weight over a few weeks?


The guy is 5'6 which is the normal height of a bantamweight. So he should be a bantamweight, he just needs to get rid of some weight permanently, he is way too heavy for someone 5'6.

Joshua Vick says:

i ate a pizza while watching this

av733 says:

They can solve this problem by simply having the weigh in closer to the fight, for example 10 minutes before then people will fight at their real weight.

Andrew test says:

if you've never had a competitive fight you won't understand cutting weight or the necessity of it. it happens from kid's all the way up to professional fighters and it's just part of tge fight game, to say someone is an idiot for doing it is ignorant and shows your lack on knowledge. its the same as saying someone is an idiot for studying for days and hours before a huge exam they have been preparing for

Daniel Lee says:


Anthony Breen says:

people saying this is cheating is dumb as fuck, his opponent is also doing it. everyone is doing it if you don't your at a disadvantage is every area. It's fucked but if he moves up a weight he's going to be fighting a guy that will be cutting weight also.

Boby W says:

What if a fighter wasn't allowed to weigh say more than 3 kg, 3 days before the weigh in. And throughout these 3 days before weigh-in his weight would be monitored and not allowed to go above 3kg so he cant do a sudden weight cut of 7-10 kg by dehydration right before the weigh in. 3 kg wouldn't be that dangerous and not such a huge advantage in the end.

Tom Ivins says:

Another reason why boxing is better

abc says:

They have some hipster doctors in the UK

Wesley Vandenbogaerde says:

thats insane ! just fight at a wheight ur comfortable in

Andrew Daniel says:

Is there any point in extreme weight-cutting from a performance POV? Where's the advantage if everybody is doing it? I get that some people are better at losing weight in a short space of time, but they are robbing themselves of conditioning, and a lot of the time people going for massive cuts miss weight anyway like Anthony Johnson at 170, Hendricks before moving up, Khabib recently etc.

?ukasz T. says:


paralyzedfruitcake says:

What I don't understand is why people choose to cut excessive amounts of weight. Surely the negative effects of cutting weight (e.g. worsened cardio, still being slightly dehydrated in the fight etc.) outweigh the benefits of being bigger?

Carlos Parra says:

this world is one big pile of cheating. There needs to be a flood so we can start over…although we'd be cheating our assess off centuries later…

Quentin Hubert says:

someone know the name of the song starting around 26min10 until the end ?

sychophantt says:

what a dirty scumbag sport

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