Weight Loss Competition Weigh In Time (#WLC9)(March 12th) BEST WEEK YET!!!

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Ogoun says:


Mohamed Alazani says:

How much did you weigh in your Surstromming challenge video? Just curious because that was the first video I saw from you at the end of 2016 & you're doing great man I promise you this motivation you have is so much stronger then you wanting to eat junk & you know that keep it up brother. Really really happy for you. 🙂

Danny Carreiro says:

Thanks great!

Hibou Canne says:

Grats my man

edlex says:

Congrats on getting under 300 Jeff! That's awesome brother!

Double XL Adventures says:

Congrats man. Just dropped below 300 myself. It's a great feeling not a lot of people understand.

Marq bmxforlife says:

nice job jeff! keep it up

infringinator says:

Man you have a wife, dog, fireplace, and losing weight…what do I have? Nothing!!!

KnifeGuy375 says:

Very nice! 🙂 you BROKE the 300!!!!!!! 🙂 Congrats! 🙂

dashn64 says:

That's awesome Jeff! Great work!!

jokerbookshop says:

Keep counting calories and the weight will fall right off.

Ty Frink says:

glad to see the progress you are making. im not recording but i have been doing the same challenge. I have gone from 270 down to 250 and i know that does not seem like a lot but i have dropped from 33% body fat down to 25%. I have also taken nearly 5 inches off of my abdomen alone. Keep up the good work man!

Negativequity says:

There should be a reward for anyone in the contest that can now see their genitals.

Negativequity says:

Cheat meal incoming for breaking 300?

Singing Toad says:

Congratz Jeff! Keep on pushing and never give up.

WallyMer06 says:

Holy shit! You're doing it Jeff!! way to go!

WCGwkf says:

Great job! Keep it up jeff

highdesignfool says:

Good for you dude

Iceman Piper says:

Hey Jeff whenever you get to the Ruger Muzzle Brake review, you are going to be the only person on YouTube with that review so make it a good one please. Also hurry up man I like that knife but My wife doesn't understand the knife hobby so I have to make my purchases count.

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