Weight Loss Exercises at Home

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HIIT workout to lose fat fast. High Intensity cardio exercises to lose weight and tone your body. Home fitness workout for man and woman without weights.

? Calorie Burn: 157 – 315

? Frequency: do the workout 5 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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Hager Mukbel says:

this actually work's.

Viktor Bleszk says:

ok stop i need water i did this for a hour

Zende Vrushali says:

can i do this daily? 5 days a week?

Marium kadir kadir says:

Very effective

PeanutButterzcup says:

great workout video! I live in a studio apartment and don't always get time to work out… This is a great, quick, and effective workout that I can do without having to leave home. Thanks again & well done

Joanne Ryan says:

how long will it take

Niah Donaldson says:

How do i know this will work?

Hala Trabelsi says:

Very good video 🙂 thanks

z zozo says:

i wish i lose weight

Tuncher Hasan says:


Debora Conserva says:

Very good video 🙂 I will do this workout today 🙂

Lorretta Hutchins says:

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godschild60071 says:

I Like the new layout and Routine !

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