Weight loss myths that might make you gain weight

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There are certain weight loss myths that, unfortunately, may lead to long-term weight gain. Losing weight is more about creating new habits and sticking to them. And creating and adhering to those new habits takes time. That’s why some people who undergo rapid and massive weight loss tend to gain it all back.


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Rc Buddy says:

I lost 25 pounds in 3-4 months just on 1 rule don't eat if you're not hungry. I didn't change what I eat or exercise I still stay home all day and play video games but I'm slowly losing weight. If you make yourself a meal and you eat half of it but your not hungry anymore than put it away for later. I just stopped stuffing my face with food. It's not a fast way of losing weight but if your not a motivated person it works

kellyvtec says:

What you eat and how much you eat is the most important thing to correct…. Making good and disciplined choices will lead you down the correct path. The biggest loosers go back to their bad habbits because they make bad choices…

Vex Spice says:

Terrible video. You lose weight through diet, not excercise. If you eat like shit you're not gonna make up the difference when you can run for 2hours and make up everything did with a chocolate bar, a big soda or a martini.

Such terrible advice.

Imran Ahmad says:

Yeah, I lost 2 lbs a day and it wasnt sustainable at all.

LagiNaLangAko23 says:

Number 4 though, exercise is still important. From what I understand, all that muscle burns through calories for maintenance.

Art Of Warring says:

What's the difference between a fat person who loses weight and one who never loses weight? Location, location, location! no-one ever talks about this, but its mostly location! Your house, your room, your neighbourhood, your school, your workplace… Your surroundings effect your moral and willpower drastically. Goodluck getting motivated to jog in an apartment complex or a ghetto environment. Stop seeing excersize as work as well, just go ride a bike or go swimming when you're bored. Also, try to get a house with a backyard pool. It may cost you a little more but your life will improve 5x fold.

OwenYT says:

does anybody here want to make a group channel?

Timegold says:

For those who are too lazy to see the whole thing: the solution to losing weight "is a combo of healthy eating and exercise."

What did you expect?

cameron doward says:

Second, and I'm starving

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