Weight Loss Program – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Jack, it’s time for dinner!

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Xy1r says:

They should put him on fail army?

Ansel Lee says:

I would recommend this to my friends?

syrupy games says:

I just think its a little sad. because honestly its me.?

Husameddin Zalatimo says:

Wow it amazing he was sliding from ? to ? and he came back and he ? living the eu?

Ben Sostaric says:

Pause at 0:24
You'll thank me later?

Asmr Llama says:

The man boob jiggles though?

Eganati says:

How to lose weight?

The Boss says:

watch till end?

Lobsta Comics says:

Like everyone who lives in Dallas, he's a fatass, and no this isn't fact I just live in Houston?

Bean ! says:

Just put season too on YouTube… jeez?

Lahking AyeSoul (xXAssassinSnipeXx) says:

Doctors hate him! Learn how he lost over 300 lbs in one week!?

EmPlaysGames YT says:

The kids moobs constantly waving around bothered me?

Commander Corbin says:

Darn it jake, prune juice drinkin ass.?

Sydkicvision42 says:

And that's why you don't ride on the rails.?

that guy says:

hehehehe, how is gravity.?

Fluffie Bubbles says:

Wish I had that in my house- looks so fun!!?

Black Rabbit says:

Best roller coaster ever?

RobloxPlayzStuff says:

R.I.P Fat kid's balls.?

Pascal Wagner says:

this remembers my so on my hotweels or carrea rail?

Thomas Toledo says:

really burned some calories hug?

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