Weight Loss WORKOUT ROUTINE | How I lost 120lbs | tips & tricks

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Welcome back to my channel :’)? #LizFitFam? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ?? Don’t foregt to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, & COMMENT :’) I hope this video helps many of you guys!! These are all the cardio workouts I have done through out my whole journey ?? I can’t wait to film my weightlifting workout routine ???

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Paloma Zavala says:

Cool 120 in what period of time?

Darla Baby says:

I’m eating a bean burrito while watching this lol! You look fantastic! This is so motivating ??

Cimi Paid says:

Great job girl!! I want to lose 60-70lbs but I find it hard to get started and motivated, when I found your channel I saw a lot of myself in you, thanks for the inspiration! Oh…and I have one question what is your height and what was your body shape(pear, apple, etc…)? Thank you ??

Gissell Alfredo says:

I really enjoyed this video , you should do a day at the gym with me video soon or a what I eat in a day too those are so nice and motivating

cesarThePencilest says:

Let’s make a child together

Karen Perez Cisneros says:

Can you post a video of what work outs you do with weight lifting to burn fat ?. Good job by the way! You look great. Keep it up ??

Erika Contreras says:

What was your calorie goal every workout ?

Jessica Lugo says:

What speed and incline did you use on the treadmill? Love your videos! Such an inspiration ??

Denia Guzman says:

You’re such a motivation for me. Oh boy! I’ve been trying to loose weight for the past 3 years and I can’t find any motivation. This video helped me a lot! You should definitely share your meal recipes/routine

Damien Rodriguez says:

What protein shake are you using ???

Alicia Molinero says:

Hi i been losing weight goin to the gym but after quit its getting worse what can i do

Marybel Acosta says:

Pinche vieja pendeja

Lakeshia Butler says:

You look amazing, I'm happy for you. Great work!

Mulan Sims says:

How tall are you?

Barry Allen says:

Lol you know she was treated really differently after the weight loss. Shame because she was the same person before

Christina Reyes says:

I love it! Post more videos on things you changed for your eating habits please!

Coco's Weight Loss Journey says:

Hey personal question?? Do you smoke at all? During your journey

Glam_by _fab says:

Wow that's a big change wow im so glad came across you !!!! I'm on my loss weight journey and I already lost 10 in 2 weeks but I'm still working on it …. can't wait to share my life updates to xoxo ?

Vegan Euphoria says:

That curved treadmill is crazy cool.
Kudos to your commitment; you're an inspiration.

Stephanie Childers says:

You look AMAZING girl! So glad I found you, you motivated me so much for after I have this baby to put in work!

Na Bella says:

Much love from Canada

Na Bella says:

How many days a week you use the cardio machine ???

Diego Diaz says:

Oh Laaawd that butt ???????


Would you go everyday in the beginning? Do you go everyday now?

lady Wms says:

Plz tell us what you eat through out the day!

s m says:

So, is your dating life different or do people treat you differently in general?

Meggy Megg says:

What did you eat ?

My Chemical Romance says:

What age can you start going to gym?

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