What makes Visalus shakes different

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HumanCapitalSolns says:

Do not take it from me, take it from a Personal Trainer!:?

bloodstormm says:

Caleb you make more then your boss @ your job? Do your research. I work un
a manufacturing plant I don’t make more then my team leaders they don’t
make more then the supervisors who don’t make more then the plant manager
who doesn’t make more then the CEO. So the fortune 500 manufacturing
company I work for must be a pyramid.

Mariah Lyn Thibodeau says:

More information on why you should use ViSalus for weight loss! She says it
Check out this video. http://youtu.be/CoM-XrwX-8s


Ben Ballinger says:

@hrstarr No, that’s not what she said. She very clearly said that you can
RUN OUT OF ENERGY trying to burn through the sugar before you get to
burning fat. this is completely false. This is only one of the 10 things I
had wrong with what she said, but YouTube didn’t allow me to make another
post so all I was able to post was a single point. This video is completely
false on many counts.

Ben Ballinger says:

5. You don’t build muscle by eating protein. You build muscle by
progressively overloading your body with resistance–and then fueling your
body with protein (amino acids) so you can repair and rebuild. However, you
don’t need some silly over-hyped protein to do that. Egg whites and casein
(milk protein) are the best possible sources of protein but the truth is
all proteins are useful and pretty much interchangeable.

TheNatedogchambers says:

Hah! I guess people that have a “REAL” job never works for a boss that
makes more money than they do! Last time i checked rich people build
buisness and hire people! This really does work if you work at it! Nobody
can sit on there but and get rich! This product is changing peoples lives!

josh pena says:

@brballinger If you have any further confusion on how the glycolysis and
glycogenesis works I would be happy to help. It was drilled into my brain
in all the nutrition classes I had to take in college. It’s a confusing
system of chemistry and I would be happy to help you understand it.

mark chestnut says:

i totally agree with what your saying. I have lost over 50 lbs three years
ago and kept it off by working out. I’m at a point that I want to have a
more drastic change in my body. Since I already have a good workout
routine, this is the missing link. I ordered my shape kit today and looking
forward to doing the 90 day challenge. I know i can do this and looking
forward to the results. Ty for posting this great video.

Ben Ballinger says:

3. You make lots of claims that it is “scientifically-proven” but I’ve seen
no peer-reviewed, published studies showing it’s significantly-higher
efficacy than other types of protein at doing any of the things you claim.

hrstarr says:

@brballinger …that’s not what she said….she said that you need to burn
through the sugars you injest before your body will gain it’s energy from
your stored fats by burning fat.

Charlie Van Riper says:

@brballinger You totally miss the point, the average consumer doesn’t eat
properly and this product fills a lack in there diet which by itself if
they are getting 1 nutritious meal a day while they eat junk food or
chemically infested garbage the rest of the time then the body is better
off with the one good meal. So why as a trainer bash something you
obviously know nothing about, why not learn more and use it to assist your
clients as many of us do.

blackstarr5 says:

Also, that’s Bs about gaining all the weight back after a “low-calorie
diet”. The only healthy, normal way to lose weight is COMMON SENSE. Eat
moderately. Healthy foods, a lot less junk, and exercise! Once you get to
your “goal weight”, you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym every day
for the rest of eternity to maintain it. Just exercise moderately, and eat
well, and take care of yourself. And I should take my own expert advice.
Knowing is easier than doing.

Roque Ortiz says:


Ronald Evans says:

@hydrovitae I’m wondering if you wrote this before or after you were eating
a bacon double cheese burger??? Because I’m pretty sure if you visited the
gym once in your life, you would understand HOW nutrition, PROPER NUTRITION
is the way to build muscle…

hvacr24 says:

if this stuff was a scam, call me a scam DRINKER…BODY BY VI is the number
1 health challenge in AMERICA !!! And the ARMY of supporters, you can not
argue with !!! 5 ice cubes, 8 ounces of FF MILK, two scoops of VI (cake )
shake mix and a small tspn full of peanut butter !!!! inhale and enjoy not
being obese

Alex Aguilera says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE Visalus!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Rice says:

Alyse, you are severely misinformed: I can discredit 80% of what you are
saying in this video; people who go on a calorie restrictive diet with sub
par ingredients (for a 90 day challenge) like Body By Vi are putting
themselves in severe metabolic jeopardy. It’s funny how there are no
testimonials on the Body By Vi website for people who have been taking it
for 1 year, 2 years out.

ksgr8ful says:

@TheTysonMethod Have you actually looked at how much nutrition is in one of
these shakes? You would need to eat over 8,000 calories of over 20
different items to get the same nutrition as you do in 1 shake. Check out
my site and look at “What do I take” to see all of the things you would
need to eat. I love food but there’s NO WAY I could even BEGIN to eat
everything listed to get the same nutrition…

Ben Ballinger says:

4. “Lean muscle” is a redundant statement. There is no such thing as fatty
muscle. You are mixing the term “lean body mass” or “lean tissue” and the
term muscle. Muscle is one of the things that makes up lean tissue. As
someone who claims to be a 20 year trainer veteran, I find it embarrassing
that you don’t realize this.

Ben Ballinger says:

@cvrfitness Also, you’re a 50 year old dude who has earings and terrible
form in his lifts and feel the need to talk crap to me on my wall
anonymously. You’re pretty courageous there buddy, keep it up!

Ben Ballinger says:

@cvrfitness Actually YOU miss the point. I have no problems with saving
normal people time and energy with meal replacements. I have a huge problem
with someone blatantly making false claims and saying stuff that is
complete BS in an attempt to convince people to pay them. That’s called
fraud and that’s what you Visalus reps do. And no, I’m not a competitor, I
can think for myself I don’t need to be a sucker and fall for a pyramid
scheme like you guys. Go enjoy that “free” BMW

Ben Ballinger says:

Are you kidding me? This video is so full of misinformation it hurts my
head. 1. “Your body needs energy to burn through sugar and often we will
run out of energy before we burn through the sugar”— …um, WHAT? The
reason sugar is bad for weight loss is because it spikes your insulin,
which tells your body to store calories as fat and to reduce the
mobilization of fatty acids for energy usage. Your body doesn’t “run out of
energy to burn sugar”… sugar IS energy.

Samuel Duval says:

I have a question. I am about to try the challenge and and concerned about
exercise. I have a severe anxiety disorder and have to stick with the
‘spirit, mind, body’ kind of exercises, as everything else effects my
anxiety. So, I chose walking, but because I am so heavy I’ve injured myself
again and again. You can imagine how frustrating this is. Any suggestions
on what exercise I might try until I can walk without injury?

daveaspen says:

Pyramid Scheme…..

Wes Ambrose says:

Great Video!

Michelle Lessard says:

@brballinger That’s what I was thinking too…”scientifically proven” what
scientist..what’s his or her name? where are the “documented” scientific
studies??? LOL….it’s a SHAKE people…at the end of the day..it’s just a

josh pena says:

@brballinger Unfortunately people eat a lot of sugar and your body will use
it first before moving on to other forms of energy such as protein. That is
what slows the fat burning process down… your body is focused on the mass
of sugar you just ate, instead of focusing on protein and building lean

gregdillard says:

Wow!!! Someone doesn’t have anything else better to do but try and bash
products!!! He/she must work for GNC!!!

Carlos Roman says:

Strong supporter of the product! Lost 15 lbs. first month and I’m starting
to get an 8 pack which I’ve never had.

mmalt2007 says:

@ao5050 Snacks are encouraged on this challenge.(3 a day) Some examples of
recommended snacks: Cottage cheese Pear apple Raw almands celery sticks +
1tbsp peanut butter mozzarella string cheese 2 slices turkey lunchmeat+1
slice swiss cheese 1 cup raw carrots +1 tbsp ranch dressing Nutra cookie
Plus you can add fruit to your shake .Hope this helps. I started jan 1,
have lost 4lbs, and feel great. If I can answer any questions you can
e-mail me anytime. mmalt2000@yahoo.com

Ben Ballinger says:

@greaserv8 sugar is extremely easy for your body to digest. What is this
nonsense you’re spewing? Protein is by far and large the most
metabolically-difficult macronutrient for your body to break down—it uses
30% of the calories in protein to digest it, hence why protein is referred
to as having a “thermic-effect”. Sugar is pretty much absorbed
instantly—hence the issue with insulin.

Sean Zemke says:

Try it yourself it’s no pyramid I promise

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