Which other Hunger Games Characters Would Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence Be?

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Hey guys! Straight from the ClevverTV headquarters, I’m Dana Ward. So we gotta give major props to our friend Josh Horowitz at MTV for grabbing some reflective interviews from some of the stars from The Hunger Games. He sat down with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence for a Q & A. When asked about what other character each star would want to play in the book-turned-movie series, Josh initially said that he’d go for Katniss — which Jennifer inserted a joke about him loving sports bras. He followed up by saying that he’d pick President Snow so he could make some changes and give the power back to the people. His co-star totally took Josh’s suggestion of Effie because, hey hey, she’s got such great style. Nice teamwork, people! Of course, we’ve got a link to this part of the interview with Josh Horowitz, just click the link below. I’m Dana Ward in Hollywood. See ya later on ClevverTV! 

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