Why I’ve Left ViSalus

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Why I’ve Left ViSalus Where I am now.. http://www.younghopemovement.com & http://www.gothope.myevolv.com Find me on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/emzand…

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Niccole Naifeh says:

I became very ill.ive stopped for many months but I’m down right suffering from the effects of the soy,the sweeteners? and the other fillers.please,please research before using it.my kidneys,intestines ,joints,muscles,are suffering as well as I now have seizures.please don’t diagnose me.,thanks..

Emily Anderson says:

Thanks Brian!?

Brian Mitchell says:

Welcome and all the best in what you got going on right? now!!

Emily Anderson says:

Thanks Jannelle! Absolutely appreciate the offer. I’m good w/ my Limitless, but so appreciate your info. Keep? rockin’!

Emily Anderson says:

Awesome Nicole! It’s the most important thing! Glad you have something great going for you!! Keep it? up!

Emily Anderson says:

I’m golden brother, already set w/ my new family & business team. Appreciate the offer though!? Keep rockin’!

Emily Anderson says:

I wish I made every decision prayerfully, but in all honesty? I don’t, but I’m working on it. 😀 W/ ViSalus, I had some very close family get sick from the shakes.. that’s what really pushed me to look into the ingredients. Find me on Facebook Franco, I’d love to chat w/ you. My FB info is below the video!

Emily Anderson says:

Thanks everyone for your positive feedback! I’m super happy where I am w/ Evolv Health. ? I’m able to build my business & I’m not restricted w/ other streams of income. Love it.

Franco B says:

You’re AWESOME!! I loved how you mentioned that you pray over your decisions. With that said, I made the effort to listen to your complete story. I too, am with Visalus? and it’s good to get insight from people of integrity. I would welcome more information.

Brian Mitchell says:

Hi, I was involved with Visalus Sciences but left a couple of months ago after finding out in the shake mix that taste like cake mix. The also restrict people because I heard they have terminated people because they where doing other mlm’s? or internet marketing. I would like for you to check out this opportunity that does not restrict you by call this number at 1(212)461-2563.If you like what you hear then get back to me

Nicole Williams says:

Thank you so much, i’m 100% with you if? i didn’t believe in the products in my networking company, i would do the same as you xxx

Jannelle Martin says:

Don’t mean to push anything but Ocean? Avenue has Empower which will take away your joint pain, no joke 4 to 5 days works quickly. All natural no side effects. You can email me for info, thanks Jay glad you came to you decision.

Emily Anderson says:

Thanks Erik, I really appreciate your? support.

W7ENK says:

Wow, good for you! I know it’s hard to take a stand against something you’ve invested so much of yourself into, but I’m proud of you for looking to God and following your heart. Sucralose is terrible stuff, as are all artificial foodstuffs, responsible for so much of today’s lack of health? everywhere. Keep doing what’s best for you and your family, Emz.

Oh, and Happy Birthday! 🙂

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