Why Valentus Slim Roast Works For Rapid Weight loss. Have You tried Valentus Slim Roast Yet?

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Valentus Slim Roast Is the Only One That Actually WORKED for me!
My Mobile Office: 443-669-8541

Out of Dozens of Weightloss Coffee Companies I’ve tried,
Valentus Slim Roast is the only one that I received a measurable result with!

After trying to lose that last stubborn 15 lbs (for three years!!!!)
I drank Valentus Slim Roast for One Month and it Vanished!
I quickly watched my love handles just disappear!
If you haven’t Tried Valentus Slim Roast Yet You really need to order a box and put it to work for yourself.

95% of people I’ve shared this with
received a result within their first month
and over 55% saw a weight loss result of 5-15 lbs
within their first week!
Click the link below now to take the tour and order your box!



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onlymelissa64 says:

How many packets would you suggest a day??

Adam Mendoza says:

I have a friend in Bakersfield CA thay started on this a while back ago The Incredible Lady! and im really excited about giving it a try!…any recommendations ma`am? im trying to loose an additional 45 lbs…. thanks in advance and God bless you!?

MrNathan791 says:

That was great. I've just joined this great company this month and I can feel the difference all ready. I have more energy and I'm not craving sweets. I feel full like I've had a meal already. I need to get a scale to keep track of the weight loss. Right now I'm about 240 lbs. I'm with a great team myself. Pat has been a great inspiration; he's lost 54 lbs. using this product. I have a question for you. I notice you don't use sweeten. Is this the best way to do this. I use stevia raw sweeten. Should I stop using this for better results? Hey thanks for sharing.?

Mary Sassara says:

Funny, the bashers that are already happy with their weight, decide to bash anything .. if people lose weight they will start to feel better about themselves, be able to do things with their family and make smarter food choices.. too often when people are trying to lose pounds they get discouraged and quit. i am excited to try this, no shakes, no bars, just coffee that i do drink daily…yes with creamer.. life is short and everything in moderation … have a good day!?

Jeffrey Plashka says:

Rapid weightloss while consuming ginseng and caffeine is not a realistic long term approach to health, nor is it healthy in any sense of the word.
People that are purchasing this product aren't concerned about their health… They're looking for a quick fix easy solution to weight problems.
I can't stand it when companies such as this or isagenix hide behind claims of being concerned #1 about the health of individuals and longevity, when really… It's a marketing scam praying on people desperate to lose weight and look more fit. It doesn't work… Never has, never will. Until ppl educate themselves, change their lifestyles and their eating habits, these problems are gonna plague them long after they rapidly gained all their weight back after gimmick money schemes and worse… Spent hard earned money in the process.
Would you do this video for free if there was no money to be made? Out of pure concern for educating the general public? I tend to think not.?

Jeffrey Plashka says:

Give me a fucking break…. How about tell people how to eat healthy instead of gimmicky products that cause multiple health problems later. Nvm the fact you're using a creamer loaded in preservatives and hidden sugars and fats.
People like you and others that push this stuff are the epitome of legal drug dealers.?

Laurel Archer says:

Yes – I really like how you did this – you sound like a professional on TV. Good job! :)?

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