Women on Pinterest

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If you are a woman and you use Pinterest, this is probably you. You probably act exactly like this video. Subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter, @…


kelsleeful says:

So… kind of an embarrassing moment… this is me… ALMOST to a? T…. But thank you for giving me a minor ab work out from laughing.

Olivia Keith says:

How funny is that your so damn cute….? your eyebrows look great!

Elisa Boettcher says:

Sad day. I love Pinterest, but you’re so right!?

taylor21893 says:

you should do a video on things that piss you off the most! i love? your rant videos 🙂

Tiffani Smith says:

……………………………… Re-pin?

BotanBulma says:

I’d like to see you do? a rant video about stupid shit girls say. 🙂

Riddleboxbaby says:

OMG love this!?

CiaraBrewster says:

hahah yes i love me some Pinterest..! so funny

Jasmine Smith says:

Hahahhaha. This is amazing.?

pezaray07 says:

You look? like Thor.

Stephanie Olson says:

Probably one? of my favorites so far

Stephanie Olson says:

WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT….im not a stupid bitch? hahahaha

Kasey Morris says:

You need to make a video of you doing you’re booty shake hand stand!!!?

keepshiningbeautiful says:

but…i? love pinterest!! haha
so true thouh

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