Working Out With Jen Selter

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Did a workout I wouldn’t normally do with Jen Selter in Dublin !
(Day In The Life Vlog)

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Maff You says:

So used to just liking before even watching these days haha! Love it Rob

Ariana Cruz says:

I mean anything with that accent is worth watching ! Besides the great informative content of course 🙂

Jeedan Deka says:

Rob is the best

Jeedan Deka says:

damm Rob was pissed

andre belic says:

Name of song at 7:43 ?????

EviLModeHD says:

Who the f*ck would hate on him? ffs..

C_O_R says:

Hi Rob, I have been following both your content and Sarah's for quite some time, you're both definitely very inspirational young people, upon my viewing, I would say that bloggers are similar to reality TV stars, in the sense that you allow people into your every day life, we as viewers regularly check in to see 'what happened next' as you share daily updates this i'd imagine is the intention. Naturally you like to keep people interested, thinking of video ideas, or keeping the viewers up to speed with your journey, workout routine, diet, lifestyle, couples questions, couples holiday, couple work out routine etc etc. But I have to say as a viewer, it's really hard to readjust to the huge change with both you and Sarah, as an invested viewer and I believe any other invested viewers, might agree that its much like following a series, or TV show. And for such a sudden change to take place, without any insight what so ever is a bit strange, its like watching a movie and one of the main characters just disappears. I think its important to bear in mind, that if you're going to share such intimate details of your life, you must be willing to explain things to your fans and viewers, although you might think it's not our business, and i would agree that it isn't in most respects, but as a viewer, it's impossible to see past that and forget about it. The fact that you're both continuing on with your routines, without any talk of each other, comes across as insincere to a viewer. I say this with good intention, but try to understand this from a viewers prospective.

Adam Guitar says:

Your a fuckin fag

Health and Swellness says:

First video of yours I've watched. Always seen you around social media, but never took the time to check you out. Glad I did. Great content and seem like a genuine dude (translation: lad). Subscribed!

Ryan Mc Gurrin says:

i watch your videos every evening while having dinner.

Andjelko Kolasinac says:

What's name of the soundtrack?

amed zaheed says:

floppy penis crew checking in.

BeachBaby75 says:

You are so disrespectful to your poor ex gf. How dare you act like a player and rub it in her face. Just shows how rude and insecure you are! She is way out of your league anyway. You are a prawn – nice body but chuck away the head! You are pathetic!!!

Clayton Snyder says:

You're a legend

PappyOnFitness says:

Ha was watching this for some bedtime positivity, loved the real talk though Rob! #keepitreal

PappyOnFitness says:


Crunchy Vanilla says:

You deserve more subs good shit man

B R says:

"Working Out With Jen Selter" … proceeds to show 5 seconds of footage. Mm yeh nice Rob -_-

Dave Wu says:

Rosanna is pretty

Nav 1 says:

rob lipsett im thinking of buying your book on training but u said its based on cutting but im trying to bulk so can i still use it ? also will there be another book on buling or is this one contain all info?

Amanda Bucci says:

The list of things to "do" hahahaha

DBYD11 says:

Is it just me or does Rob seem really happy and loving single life haha

Queen Ledge says:

Loved the music in the gym session Rob nice choice

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