WORST Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives! What to Eat, Weight Loss Tips | Corrina Rachel

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WORST Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives! What to Eat, Weight Loss Tips | Corrina Rachel

Corrina reveals some of the WORST breakfast foods and offers ideas for how you can eat a healthy breakfast to support weight loss and nutrition.

Healthy Options:

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Dad’s Granola

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frank cx says:

sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle, sausage egg and cheesd mcmuffin and a medium coke. ?

jgallow9 says:

This morning I had a green pepper and spinach omelette with some matcha green tea.?

victormano11 says:

beans eggs jalapeños and corn tortilla?

Nimisha Anole Vincent says:

Your videos are so informative & interesting..
I wasn't aware of most of the information you shared
I already feel a difference in my body..
Thank you so much
Oh & I love your curly hair too???

Atal Faraz says:

Corrina Darling?

Pete West says:

3:26 Vegan trigger Alert?

Janice Klein says:

wow how empty our your lives that you all take time to virtue signal about your breakfast??

That Awesome Homeschooled Girl says:

I'm 15 and I have Celiac So I Can't eat Certain foods but I eat eggs for Breakfast almost everyday and My Favorite Part is The Yolk It's so good!?

Dennis Rosales says:

Eggs and bacon and sliced of wheat toast for me . & one veinte Starbucks coffee :-)?

Fablepoopy says:

wow, I was expecting this video to day eggs are bad, oat meal is good (Quaker oat meal) but I actually found this very good. I am no Dr. but I have done quite a bit of research and I totally agree with this.?

Wendy Crayon says:

beet, kale, avacado, blueberry, honey, matcha smoothie?

How The Nori Rollz says:

I had a piece of organic whole grain toast with coconut oil & a little bit of blueberry preserves. Is that an ok breakfast??

X_Becky_X X_BOO_X says:

I usually have 2 brown bread toast and 2 boiled eggs?

Zeno1999 says:

I agree and follow these guidelines after years of experimenting.?

Julian Hart says:

I have had porridge [made with water] with chopped fresh fruit and grated ginger or sultanas and nuts in it for years now. I love it. The fruit is either honeydew melon, apricot, peach, pear, apple, pineapple etc. I usually feel hungry about 3 hours later when I'll have another piece of fruit. I genuinely miss it if I am away from home on holiday!?

Mark Alkire says:

your videos are turning into info commercials and less informative. Un subscribed?

HRD 77 says:

chocolate chip cookies and skim milk and coffee?

cheri tort says:

Usually hot wheat cereal with raisins and cinnamon. But today I had a fried egg and mushrooms topped with guacamole and a piece of molasses bread on the side.?

lucky says:

Coffee and a banana ~ not a big breakfast person!?

Stavroula Spartali says:

For breakfast i eat 2 eggs and oatmeal.
i love it.?

Greene Turtle says:

I like plain Cheerios with a cut up banana. Who puts sugar on it? Nobody I've ever met.?

Greene Turtle says:

I ate an apple with peanut butter.?

Wimpy Winny says:

I had some BBQ chips ??? I just can't stop with the junk no matter how hard I try!!!?

silverjetplane says:

About to eat breakfast but thought I'd watch this first :)?

Goat Liberator says:

Don't eat breakfast, INTERMITTENT FASTING?

Siobhan Smith says:

I used to have porridge, weetabix, rice crispies or wholemeal toast with peanut butter for breakfast. No added sugar on anything. I would be hungry again within 90 minutes and never stop eating all day. Now I have a coffee with coconut oil and almond milk and I'm full up and my appetite is kept under control all day. I've lost a stone and a half (21 pounds) and feel great. I always believed that a healthy, filling breakfast was the best start to the day and how to keep your weight low, but I've actually found that to be completely untrue?

imaginamevolar says:

Corrina, a perfect porcelain doll =*?

desarae joy says:

Surprised you didn't mention oatmeal as a good breakfast meal. I LOVE OATMEAL. Sweeten it With honey, add some bananas, and peanut butter ??

Bryan Lim CH says:

+PsycheTruth how you make this video , what software u use ??

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